Star Trek: The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past Credits


ProducerStewart Kosoy
With a Lot of Help FromMaxwell Taylor
Product ManagerJaime Wojick
DesignersRandy Angle (Lead designer), Sergio Vuskovic, Kurt Boutin
Game Software EngineersSimon Ffinch (Lead Engineer), Dean Grandquist, Randy Angle
ArtistsRussel Comte (Lead artist), Karen Ffinch, Greg Dyer, Paul Wood, David McGrath, Jim Voytilla, Matt Carlström
Music ComposerAndrew Edlen
Sound DesignAndrew Edlen (Lead designer), Randy Angle
Level LayoutSergio Vuskovic, Jeffrey Love
Writers / Game TextMaxwell Taylor, Dante Anderson, Simon Ffinch, Steve Olson, Vera Chan
Tool Software EngineerDon Harlow
TestersAnthony Lynch (Lead tester), Atom Ellis (Lieutenant), Darin Johnston (Lieutenant), Dianna Carroll, Greg Fleming, Jason Kuo, Vasily Lewis, Rick Greer, Lawrence Gibson, Ty Johnson, Timothy Spengler, Dante Anderson, Simon Lu, Dermot Lyons, Chris Hudak, Stephen Bourdet, Janine Cook, Mike Williams, Dusty Bedford, Joanna Pataki, David Forster, Crisi Albertson, Ivan Foong, Greg Becksted, Michael Baldwin, Heather Meigs, Max Austin Loeb, John Jansen, Jennifer Brozek, Ben Szymkowiak, John Amirkhan, Lancelot Nelson, Vincent Nason, Christine M. Watson, Brian Dawson, Daniel P. Dunn
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
Special Thanks ToMat Genser, Diane A. Fornasier, Clint Dyer, Andy Probert, Stephen Goldin, Meg Storey, Daniel Lucas, J. White, John Vifian, Jeff Hall, Marc Reynolds, Adrian Jones, Judy Biletnikoff, Rich Keightley, Barbara Gleason, Mark Lindstrom, Neil Hanshaw
And at Paramount ToSuzie Domnick, Renee Froix

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alaka (41822)