Starflight Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

orbiting a planet
selecting a landing site
on the planet
Your first mission and clues
Creating and training your team at the Starport - basically RPG-ish character creation with skill upgrading
Ship construction. Looks like I'm well outfitted to take on some aliens now!
Exploring a seemingly peaceful planet. Look, there is a mineral in the lower right corner!
What, no dinner first?..
Choose your attitude towards these robotic dudes. They like asking questions
Your communicator doesn't fully understand the Veloxi language. Not a very logical feature, too, since I have a Veloxi navigator right on my ship...
You can scan unknown ships, too! And with my science officer being fully trained, it isn't hard at all
Errr... how would YOU answer that? :)
Blown up by mysterious aliens
You can view your artifacts. This is a very handy one, allowing instant teleporting of your terrain vehicle in case it runs out of fuel
Controlled landing - unique to the Genesis version
Oooooh, bad weather, bad weather! My vehicle can hardly move here
Using the mineral scan feature. Check out those reddish spots - there be minerals there!
I landed on a red planet with Inferno temperature. And what do you know - it has gold! :)
Planet information
I ran out of fuel just when I got to those minerals in the ocean...