Streets of Rage 2 Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title Screen
Character Select Screen
Fiery Uppercut
Dragon Punch
Pipe Smash
Sweep Kick
Slide Kick
In the Bar
Corkscrew Kick
Level Complete
Blaze's flying kick
Skates jump on shoulders and punch move
Axel fighting in the elevator level
You already spent too much time on the coin-op!
Skate & Max fighting loads of enemies
Axel wacking Blaze with a weapon
Skate waits for the enemies to approach
Axel takes out an enemy
Max takes out 2 enemies with one kick
Stage 2: Inside the truck Blaze uses her special attack; an acrobatic backflip
Stage 3: Max delivers a hammer punch on Vehelits, a sub boss inside the Alien House
Stage 3: Finishing Donovan with a throw on the pirate ship, while two ninja's are ready to attack
Stage 2: Blaze is ran over by a biker gang
Max grabs Abadede, the powerful boss of stage 4, and hits him with a bear punch
Stage 3: Getting knifed by a punk and electrocuted by a dominatrix at the same time
Stage 5 takes place on a boat. Here Max spins around using his knuckle bomb attack
Stage 5: Boss R. Bear has a mighty uppercut
Stage 6: Blaze demonstrates her vertical slash attack
Battle vs. Jet and Souther (who spins like Blanka from Street Fighter II) at the end of stage 6
Stage 7: Inside the factory a biker is throwing bombs at Blaze
Stage 7: After grabbing an enemy you can perform a suplex
Stage 8: Skate is break-dancing in front of Mr. X