Streets of Rage 3 Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Dr. Zan electrocutes Zack
Bare Knuckle 3 info screen
Top 10
Intro from japanese version
Fighting Mr. X's stooges
Fake Mr. X
Secret character Ash; only available in japanese version
Ash laughs at Dwight
Title Screen
The Story
Character Select
Cut scene
Skate gives Zack a headache
Skate's Fists of Fury
Dr. Zan ready to rock
Dr. Zan "runs"
The Claw attack
Skate and Zan are ready
Profiles for Axel and Blaze
Blaze takes out 2 enemies
Skate's awesome jump on shoulders move
Axel uses his fire upper-cut
Zan has a long reach
Ninjas are flying in form everywhere!
Axel's jump and slam move
Axel is showing his burning fist for Shiva
Hey, not fair! He got a gun and I got a fist full of... trouble