Written by  :  John Šarafciger (5)
Written on  :  Sep 13, 2008
Rating  :  2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars

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Although it contains great sports, it was disappointing...

The Good

Graphics are colorful and in my opinion very well done. The game also gives you the chance to participate in sports, some of them are: basketball, soccer, bowling, obstacle course... The game contains two modes: the Story mode and the mode where you can practice all available sports (I would like to call it an exhibition mode). If you are playing an exhibition basketball or a soccer match, the game offers you five courts to choose from, which are: the stadium, western, downtown, forest and Montana's playroom. The game has all twelve characters from the show of the same name, they are: Buster, Babs, Hamton, Plucky, Dizzy Devil, Montana Max, Shirley the Loon, Fifi, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper, Elmyra and Furrball.

The Bad

When you are playing the Story mode, you can only play as a team which consists of Buster, Babs, Hamton and Plucky (and you play versus all other characters, of course). You are NOT able to choose between all twelve characters in that same mode, so you can not create your own team. Also, when you beat the Story mode once, it will become boring. It's also worth mentioning that you actually are able to choose between all twelve characters, but only when you play an exhibition soccer or a basketball match.

The A.I. in this game is awful. When you are participating in a basketball or a soccer match, your teammates are useless when playing defense. You are the one who has to do everything. Your teammates won't help you out in any way. They will just run around the court and won't do anything to get the ball. The only usefull A.I. controlled character was actually the goalkeeper, who is trying to stop the ball, but it's nothing special.

Also, all characters have their own special move (when playing basketball or soccer), which can help you during the game, but they are fairly useless because they cause your character to lose energy and you actually have to wait forever for energy to refill. When your character loses its energy, your character will run slower and jump badly, and it can be frustrating very often. The best moment to use your special move is actually some seconds before the time runs out.

Also, the music can become irritating very fast, because it actually gives you the feeling that you are watching the cartoon, and not playing sports games.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you consider buying this game because the game has many sports, and you are a sports fan, don't buy it. Basketball and soccer fans will be disappointed with the game very fast because of the cartoony music and awful A.I. But if you liked the Tiny Toon animated series, you might consider buying it.