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Tony La Russa Baseball '95 (Genesis)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Tony La Russa Baseball '95 Credits

Stormfront Studios

ProgrammingMasami Yamada, Mark Buchignani
ArtJohn Keester
AnimationWilliam M. Sullivan, Delphine Louie, Kimberly Moriki, Al Roughton
MusicSteven Scherer
Original Game DesignDon L. Daglow, Mark Buchignani, David Bunnett, Hudson Piehl
Baseball StrategyTony La Russa
Team LeaderDon L. Daglow
Technical DirectionHudson Piehl
Art DirectionDavid Bunnett
TestingStephen L. Kozlowski, Steve Borstead
Special ThanksMark A. Fong, Katie Jack, David Clemons, Andrew Boyd, Sean Carson, Micky Shirley

EA Sports & High Score Productions

Executive ProducerScott Orr
Line ProducerRandy Delucchi
Assistant ProducerJohn D. Boerio
Technical DirectorEvan Robinson
Lead TesterGreg Kawamura
TesterThomas MacDevitt, Kurt Tindle
Product ManagerBill Romer
DocumentationBill Scheppler
Special ThanksKeith Francart, Kyra Pehrson, Kevin O'Neill, Jim Sproul

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