Trouble Shooter Credits (Genesis)

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Trouble Shooter Credits


Graphics - Enemies, Scroll, OpeningDoro‑P
Graphics - Enemies, Scroll, TitlePorten
Sound Created ByYasuyuki Hamada (Team Hyakuman-Goku)
B G MHiroto Kanno (Raika Papa)
S.E.Fumito Tamayama (M.C. Tamar / Bakkin! Tama)
VoiceYuki Chan
Program - Enemies, Scroll, ToolsPropeller Wado
Program ‑ Boss, TitleSaboten Cuctus
Program - My Chara, SystemTakayan
Special Thanks ToSho‑chan, Yamachan, Simpson, Ikuichi Kamo (Kamo-san)
English Text ByJimee D, Y. Ikeya (MC Ikeya)
And My Friendly NeighborhoodTonboo, Jorum, Fellows of the Lance
Supervised byI.T.S.A. [International Trouble Shooters' Association]
Developed for Video GameStudio Uchoo Tetsujin [Studio Space Iron Men]
Directed byTakayan the Barbarian in Studio Uchoo Tetsujin

Cover (US)

Cover Artwork byMichael J. Winterbauer

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