Zombies Ate My Neighbors Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
Title screen (European version)
Options menu
Choosing the players
Starting the game
Zombies come!
Here are some of the neighbors you have to rescue. The blue mini-map to the right shows where the rest of the neighbors are, and the number below indicates the amount of the neighbors left to be rescued
You can jump on those violet things in order to access the ground beyond the fence
You can also swim
The stupid neighbor is sitting in the middle of the pool and seems to ignore the zombies entirely
Once you rescue all the neighbors, you can exit the level and proceed to the next one. But you are not obliged to exit immediately, you can still discover hidden areas and items on the previous level
Dark level. You can eat those winged girls to receive points
Enter the houses to grab some useful items
Airport level
In the stores there are nasty boomerang-throwing kids, who should be eliminated
Morphing into a fearless creature!
Gruesome death scene
Guys with the chainsaw are a pain in the neck
Run to rescue
Too late
Ups, I'm dead now
Innocent victims
Game Over