Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf Screenshots

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DOS version

Genghis Khan II Screenshot #1
Genghis Khan II Screenshot #2
Genghis Khan II Screenshot #3
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FM Towns version

Title screen
As the title implies, it's about the Blue Wolf and White Deer
Anime-style birth of Temujin
Temujin turns into a cruel conqueror
Main menu
Actions menu
Mongol lords challenge Temujin
Battle in a forest
Yuan Dynasty scenario
What do you want, punk?..
The enemy sends elephants!
Everything ok?..
It wasn't a good year in the Mongol Empire...
Choices, choices...
Generals talk to each other
Ouch! That hurt!..
Everything is calm in the Mongol Empire
It's cold... too close to Siberia and all
Khubilai wants to seduce this girl...
...and looks like he succeeds!
Shopping list
General list
Army list

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Yuan Dynasty setting
A war!
Battle between units
Playing the mongol conquest
Your turn!
Managing in progress...
That's a good idea...
Some stats
Well, that's his funeral...
That was a good one! :-)
Battle elephants
Another battle terrain
Army operations
love story...

NES version

Title Screen
Map Screen
KOEI Screen

PC-88 version

Title screen
A psychological thriller involving romance, sex, betrayal, and complex moral dilemmas? Not at all. Well, except the betrayal part
Main menu
The Mongols prepare to conquer the world...
Attacking a city
They are near... they are near...
Yuan Dynasty scenario, Khubila's conquest
The peace won't last...
Army statistics
Natural disasters
A fortress in the mountains
Battle in a forest
I can't fight in such weather conditions!..
Meanwhile, the Europeans have plans of their own...
The Mongols try to solve the snow situation...
Arabs attack Vatican!

PC-98 version

Koei logo
Historic simulation...
Title screen
Wolf and deer :)
Main menu
People are satisfied...
War in Mongolia!
Preparing to attack
Archers try to conquer this settlement
Mongolian conquest scenario
Checking out some stats
Natural disasters happen...
Silk road, hehe...
Looks like Prince of Persia
Battle in a desert
Damage numbers
That's it, they lost...
Trying to figure out the right strategy...
The king of Khoresm is desperate...
Yup, Khubilai will soon rule China, no question about that!

SEGA CD version

From the intro
From the intro: Genghis Khan himself
Title screen
Main menu
Selecting my province
A battlefield
Someone is going to get his ass kicked
The game menu
The five flags shows where I may put my armies

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro, young Temujin with his family
Temujin eventually dominated the tribes of the steppes and earned the title Genghis Khan
Start of the game
A battle is brewing

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Viewing the provinces
Choosing your nation
Main screen
An attempt of diplomacy
Your generals
Country information
Your troops
Choosing a scenario
Spending time with your family
Preparing for the war
Attacking another country
Attacking with a bow