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Main menu
Magic is useful for clearing out a roomful of baddies at once
Attacked from all sides
Two-player mode
An extremely upset dragon
Dodging a fireball
Between a rock...
...and a hard place
Some barriers can't be crossed, but you can shoot over them
You wouldn't think insects have that much blood
Tight quarters
Daramil's hatchlings
It's a massacre
I didn't know they had spandex panties in the middle ages
The thief usually hides in chests and behind corners, and will rob you of your weapons and magic if you're not careful
The skeleton key can be used to open any door
What are those things
The end of a level (loot-stuffed dungeons seem to go with the territory)
Getting down and dirty
The Phantom Knight is a tough enemy
Catch me if you can!
Warping out of a bad situation
Shelob must be turning over in her grave
A series of doors
You can hide behind bosses, and if they don't see you they'll be none the wiser
Archer vs. axe-throwing monster
"Reverse controls" curse
Monsters lair are destructible
Fire shield
Medallion - many points