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A great platform and a fun character 3DO Ares (6)
Humor, Lizards, Pizza, Action! 3DO Indra is here (19822)
"Are we drinking because we're thirsty?" Windows Wertzui (180)

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Platform Votes Score
3DO 9 3.9
PlayStation 7 3.7
PlayStation 3 2 4.5
PSP 2 4.5
PS Vita 2 4.5
SEGA Saturn 7 3.9
Windows 6 3.4
Combined MobyScore 35 3.9

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3DOGamePro (US)
Gex will be a big boost for the struggling 3DO system, which can boat only a few outstanding titles to date. This much-delayed game was well worth the time it took to molt into it's final form. Gex is destined to become the 3DO equivalent of Sonic or Mario, as this cool little lizard sets high standards for all future 3DO platform-hoppers.
3DOVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Gex is the kind of game that comes only a few times a year. It's a must-play on any platform. A winner for the 3DO and a victory for 32-bit gaming.
3DOGameFan Magazine
2-D power...on the 3DO? Who-da' thunk it? Gex not only features many hours of platforming bliss, but high replay value as well. Dana Gould's comedic talents actually add to the fun and the abundance of diversity is astounding. No two levels are alike! Somehow Crystal also managed to pull off up to five levels of parallax, this I did not expect. I want a sequel!
3DOThe Video Game Critic
It's pretty rare that the sound effects stand out in a video game, but I definitely took notice of them in Gex. Effects like the whipping sound of his tail and enemies getting knocked like bowling pins are crystal clear and entertaining. Unfortunately I've never been a big fan of Dana Gould who does Gex's voice, and I found his quips to be mildly amusing but mostly annoying. You can save your game, but only at predetermined points. Overall, I'd have to say that Gex is one of the premiere 3DO games. Crystal Dynamics tried to create the ultimate 2D platform game, and they did a pretty good job.
Gex provides a wonderful diversion with a challenging variety of levels and the opportunity to tail-whip bad guys into oblivion. The game would be enjoyed by everyone from nine to ninety, provided they have the coordination to master the gecko's moves. However, because of the inability to save games regularly, some players may get bored and frustrated.
3DOJoystick (French)
Le premier jeu de plates-formes sur 3DO est aussi l'un des meilleurs... toutes machines confondues !
PlayStationGamePro (US)
The controls have been tweaked so Gex moves at a better pace and with more freedom than he had on the 3DO. Gex entertains with a variety of action that should keep you from platform hopping anywhere else. In a world where side-scrollers are scarce for 32-bit systems, Gex really "sticks" out.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
The great action and deep exploration offered in Gex make it a must for gamers who need to jump around. Gex eats Bug for lunch on the Saturn.
PlayStationComing Soon Magazine
Gex is great a game about a lizard that gets caught up into his television set by Rez, the lord of Media Dimension, to become the new network mascot. His only escape will be to gather up all the remote controls that are hidden throughout the Media Dimension.
3DOComing Soon Magazine
With the recent release of Gex from Crystal Dynamics, the 3DO has its first platform game which not only looks amazing but also plays great.
3DOElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
If there was ever a game surrounded by endless hype and development time, Gex has to be it. But the long wait was well worth it. Gex proves to be one of the best action games ever seen on the 3DO! The graphics and sounds are superb and the voice of comedian Dana Gould adds some great one-liner humor to an already enjoyable game. Unfortunately, the backgrounds scroll a bit choppily, but that's not the fault of the programmers and hardly takes away from the fun.
Sorti de nul part tel un ovni, Gex est un excellent titre disposant d'un univers attachant et d'un personnage qui est bien loin du cliché traditionnel du héros. De plus, l'humour omniprésent fait passer de très bons moments. Après une telle expérience, vous ne porterez plus le même regard sur votre télévision.
Sorti de nul part tel un ovni, Gex est un excellent titre disposant d'un univers attachant et d'un personnage qui est bien loin du cliché traditionnel du héros. De plus, l'humour omniprésent fait passer de très bons moments. Après une telle expérience, vous ne porterez plus le même regard sur votre télévision.
Sorti de nul part tel un ovni, Gex est un excellent titre disposant d'un univers attachant et d'un personnage qui est bien loin du cliché traditionnel du héros. De plus, l'humour omniprésent fait passer de très bons moments. Après une telle expérience, vous ne porterez plus le même regard sur votre télévision.
3DOPower Unlimited
Gex is een goed platformspel. Het bevat prachtige animaties en graphics, is pittig en vol humor en zit tot de rand vol met koele vijanden. Als de 3DO meer spellen als dit had gekregen, dan zou het misschien een groter succes zijn geworden. Balen, Piet!
PlayStationGame Players
The game has a lot of gloss, controls well and lasts a while - and well, that's it. If you're looking for a side-scroller in the Playstation world of polygons, this is your only choice - as it happens, you're in good shape.
3DOGame Players
Still, it's very well designed, funny and it looks great. If Crystal Dynamics set out to invent the mascot for 3DO, they may have won the competition by default, but the character is more than worthy of the title.
3DOAll Game Guide
Lasting weeks on end, Gex features just the right mix of action, humor, attitude, challenge, and secrets. If you're a fan of the action/platform genre and own a 3DO (or a Playstation or Saturn) then give Gex the once over! You won't be disappointed.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
If I were Crystal Dynamics I'd take one of my biggest and best titles from the 3DO, make it all shiny on the PS hardware and uh, hey, speak of the devil and the devil...turns into a gecko that talks! Yes, CD, the busiest company in all of gaming besides Acclaim has a little medicine for all you new PS owners thirsting for some action/platform power. The PS Gex has blissful FMV, looks a whole lot better overall and plays fast and fun. A sequel that taxes the PS hardware must follow!
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Gex sure has been making his rounds lately hasn't he? His latest version is on the Playstation and now everybody's favorite gecko will soon be released for the Saturn. There are a few slight variations between both conversions ported over from the 3DO, but nothing noticeable enough to mention. An all-around good game with smooth control, large, challenging levels and enough humor to put a smile on any gamer's face. Gex is a must buy.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Admittedly, there is nothing new to be found inside the levels of the PS version over the 3DO release. The game scores a high rating just for cleaned-up audio of everyone's favorite witty gecko. Control has also been spiced up a bit, shortening the time between controller and reaction. Gamers, who never had the privilege of playing Gex on the 3DO shouldn't miss the PS release. It is bound to be the best one yet for any home system. Anyone ready for Gex 2 yet?
Juego mítico para unos, juego entretenido para otros, y juego corriente y simple para muchos. Seguramente el juego en sí mismo no sea magistral, pero sí lo es el personaje y por eso merece este análisis.
WindowsPC Player (Denmark)
Lyden og grafikken er ikke noget særligt, og banerne minder en del om hinanden. Til gengæld er Gex en ganske underholdende fyr, som citerer diverse kendte film, mens han farer rundt og bekæmper skurke.
Levelaufbau und Einsatz von Extras sind recht clever, Abwechslung gibt's genug. So kann man sich über mangelnde Motivation eigentlich nicht beklagen. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist eher deftig, aber nicht zu frustrierend unfair. Glücklicherweise kommt man mit Üben und ein wenig Tüfteln weiter. Originalität darf man allerdings nicht erwarten. Schade nur, daß technisch höchstens Hausmannskost geboten wird. Zu dem eher dürftigen Grafikdesign kommt noch ein unterdurchschnittliches Scrolling und gelegentliches Ruckeln dank Windows-Datenschaufeleien.
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games
Gone now are many a fallen former front man, stretching back into the dim mists of antiquity. In the mascot cemetery, amid the Bubsy's and the Aero's and the Jersey Devil's you'll find a modest marker bearing the name "Gex". Shed a tear, say a prayer, and keep moving.
PlayStationGame Revolution
Over all Gex is a fun game for about a week. Its not a game you will show to your friends to impress them with your PlayStation, but it is a game you can come back to every now and then if you are bored. If you really miss the Mario type of games, then this one is for you!
WindowsPower Play
Microsoft knows games? Für mein Dafürhalten ein reichlich hochtrabender Spruch, zumindest was GEX angeht. Das zugekaufte Crystal-Dynamix-Produkt war bei Erscheinen auf dem 3DO vor mehr als einem Jahr unseren Kollegen von der “Video Games“ zwar ein Prädikat wert, geht aber anno 1996 auf PCs bestenfalls als solide Hausmannskost durch. Die Level sind allesamt fair designt und teilweise riesig, können aber in der Gestaltung und Detailfülle mit Referenzspielen wie z.B. “Earthworm Jim“ nicht mithalten. Die Steuerung ist ebenfalls ordentlich programmiert, geht gerade mit MS‘ Sidewinder Pad locker von der Hand, und die geckospezifischen Features wie das “Zungeschnalzen“ und Wändeklettern, sind eine nette Zugabe. Bahnbrechendes gibt jedoch weder in der Story noch beim Gameplay: GEX wirkt in allen Disziplinen nurmehr durchschnittlich. Vermißt habe ich die aus den Activision-Konvertierungen bekannte Level-Anwahl per Pull-Down-Menü: Paßwörter sind inzwischen mega-out.
3DOCD Player
»Gex« entpuppt sich als konventionelles Hüpfspiel, das bewährte Elemente aufgreift und nichts wesentlich Neues bietet. Dennoch verbucht Gex durchaus Bonuspunkte: Fünf Welten bieten eine Menge abwechslungsreiche Szenarien, die sich angenehm flott spielen. Wer unter Plattform-Entzugserscheinungen leidet, darf sich Gex zulegen und wird auch die technischen Mängel verschmerzen: Das Scrolling ruckelt erschreckend, Grafik und Sound werden den Hardware-Fähigkeiten zu keiner Zeit gerecht.
3DOElectric Playground
Anyway, if you feel like running, jumping, swacking things with your tail and looking for lost remote controls(?) check this gecko out.
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground
The gimmicks, the flash, the buzz of a ton of hype and that voice of his, have kept Gex in the limelight a lot longer than I thought he would be. Perhaps I'm missing something. All I know is that almost immediately after picking up a controller to play Gex, I find myself drifting off. Sure the rendered graphics are nice; Gex's special power-ups look cool; and the circumstances that the gecko good guy can get himself into are adequately goofy (okay, I'll admit I like Cartoon World) but I still find the game flat and uninspired. I've always wanted to like the game. I've certainly liked a lot of Crystal Dynamics' stuff in the past. But, Gex just leaves me more numb than normal.
WindowsHigh Score
Det är visserligen "bara" ett plattformsspel, men det är välgjort och erbjuder lagom svårt motstånd. Och Gex imitationer kan faktiskt stundtals vara ganska underhållande.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
The main criticism of this game is the same one as for most conversions: the game doesn't take advantage of the PC. If anything, the PC controllers are less precise than those found on the average console system (though that's arguably not the case with the 3DO and its terrible controllers). However, if you're into the whole platform genre, Gex is one of the better examples, and definitely worth checking out.
Each of the game's five areas are based around a specific movie theme (horror, science fiction, etc.) and are pretty unique. Plus there's loads of bonus levels to find. Sure, it's starting to look a little dated but a good side-scroller never hurt anyone.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Dieses Gex steckt voller Gags. Die Echse hat einiges an Bewegungen drauf und ist wirklich witzig animiert. Egal, ob sie ihre Zunge ausfährt, Blöcke verschiebt oder mit ihrem Schweif zuschlägt, es macht Spaß, sie durch die Levels zu lenken. Die Steuerung funktioniert sehr gut, ob Sie nun per Tastatur oder Joystick, respektive Pad zu Werke gehen. Die Begleitmusik und die schnoddrigen Kommentare in englischer Sprache sind ziemlich cool und passen gut zum Helden.
WindowsPC Gamer
Ever get the urge to play Super Mario Brothers with a trash-talkin' reptile? This could be the game for you...
WindowsPC Gamer UK
Gex was created to be the 3DO console's Sonic or Mario, but due to it not being very good, it and the half-baked machine it rode in on are currently residing as doorstops in a pawnshop near you.