Gex Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Copyright notice
Scene from the intro
Another scene from the intro
Main menu
Level selector ("The Dome")
Scene from the cemetery
A secret passage!
...and where it leads to.
Cartoon world

PlayStation version

Intro: Gex' family
Intro: Gex chilling in front of the TV.
Intro: Uh Oh, Gex gets sucked into the TV.
Main menu
Overworld map, pick a level.
The adventure begins here.
Gex gets hyper.
Sliding down the slope.
Die and you get booted from the TV.
End of level stats
Jungle isle
World map
Indiana gex
In jungle
Deadly fish
In temple
Enemy's animation
Wrecking ball
Boxing glove

Windows version

Title Screen
The big map (The Dome)
The Cemetery map (Submap of The Dome)
A lizard zombie (how scary /:) )
You can make Gex climb just about anywhere
Ride the waves, dude