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Atari 2600Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Oct 31, 2004)
Ghost Manor, more often than not, can be found as one end of the unique Xonox "Double Ender" cartridges (the games on the other side are usually either Artillery Duel, Spike's Peak or Chuck Norris Superkicks). There is also a rarer, single game version of Ghost Manor. If you're into horror games at all, why not check Ghost Manor out?
Atari 2600IGN (Mar 17, 2008)
Ghost Manor was one of those games I was nervous to check back in on. It's never fun to see a childhood favorite crushed. Fortunately, this early stab at horror held up remarkably well. With five screens, good graphics, and some great audio, Ghost Manor deserves to be sought out by Atari 2600 collectors everywhere.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Oct 02, 2002)
Actually, Ghost Manor is relatively hard even on the easiest level, so you're not likely to master all four skill levels. But while Ghost Manor looks great and offers plenty of variety, once you beat it, it's probably not a game you'll revisit often.
Atari 2600HonestGamers (Oct 14, 2012)
When I finally completed this game, it only took me about five minutes. After putting Dracula to rest, I didn't feel accomplished or amused, but numb. I suspect that this was due to Ghost Manor's inability to step up its game. Call me crazy, but I've always been a fan of repetitive Atari 2600 games that increase in challenge factor as you play. Ghost Manor sacrifices incremental difficulty boosts for variety, essentially providing you with multiple "level ones" that lack the challenge, bite and addictiveness of a typical 2600 game. I'm sure the variety featured here looked awesome when the game first launched, but we live in an era where variety is not only expected, but means a lot more than playing four to five introductory stages. In other words, if I want variety, I don't have far to go to obtain it.