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Ghost Master

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Who are THEY gonna call? Windows HandofShadow (49)
The Planchette Points To Yes Windows Terrence Bosky (5235)

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Windows 37 3.7
Combined MobyScore 37 3.7

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Die spielerischen Möglichkeiten sind so vielfältig und abwechslungsreich, dass es locker für zwei oder drei Spiele gereicht hätte. Hinzu kommt, dass auch der technische Aspekt absolut stimmt. Als Spieler kann ich nur „Danke“ sagen für dieses, in meinen Augen unbeschreiblich schöne, Spiel. Für mich persönlich ist „Ghost Master“ jetzt schon ein absoluter Klassiker, der mich auch in einigen Jahren noch begeistern wird (wenn es dann auch hoffentlich ein paar mehr Levels gibt). Was Anfang des Jahres noch Vice City für die Actionspieler und kürzlich der Flight Simulator 2004 für die Simulationsfreaks darstellte, können sich Strategie- und Puzzlespieler nun mit „Ghost Master“ nach Hause hohlen. Ich hätte absolut kein Problem, dam Spiel wie den beiden anderen Probanden ebenfalls den Gold-Award und 9,5 Gesamtpunkte zu geben, wenn nicht die schlechten deutschen Sprecher wären.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Ghost Master is one of those rare titles that seems to move from one platform to another with distinctive ease. Even though it was developed for both the Xbox and PS2 simultaneously, it doesn’t have any of the lingering control difficulties that usually follow that decision. It’s a fantastic game especially if you are into strategy puzzlers. Even if you’re not, it’s still a terribly addictive venture that’s easy to pick up and you’ll find yourself haunting with the best of them in no time flat.
In all honesty, however, it was very hard to find any serious drawbacks to the game. I guess you could say that haunting is somewhat of a specific pastime that might not appeal to every player out there. But, even if paranormal goings-on and various ghostly activities don't tickle your fancy, you should at least have some fun with the all of the aforementioned aspects of gameplay.
WindowsPC Gamer
Here’s a game that’s successfully innovative without losing you at the gate. Taking notes from the classic Bullfrog simulations of yesteryear, Ghost Master puts you in a diabolical gang of ghouls and ghosts commissioned to scare the collective pants off a small-town community. Along the way, lighthearted humor and creative story elements are unveiled at every turn, pushing this simulation to the head of its genre.
About the only thing missing from Ghost Master is a multiplayer mode, although it's hard to imagine how Sick Puppies could have incorporated such an option into a puzzle-oriented title like this. And the game isn't exactly any poorer for the omission of multiplayer features, since the numerous missions and impressive replay value will keep it on your hard drive for quite some time.
The developer behind Ghost Master is clearly a fan of horror movies, and keen eyes will be able to pick out lots of movie inspired jokes and parodies in every aspect of the game, from the different scenario names to specific ghostly characters. Graphically the whole thing looks great, and a suitably spooky soundtrack accompanies the gameplay and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Only a few things are missing here – notably a multiplayer option. Being able to play with a friend who controlled a competing team of spooks would have been nice, or maybe even a team of ghost busters? And the game is also just crying out for a level editor, which would have greatly increased the longevity of the whole thing. That said, it’s still an incredibly entertaining title, and if you liked any of The Sims games, then you really don’t want to miss this one!
Ghostmaster est un jeu fun et original : vous ne devez pas échapper aux fantômes, vous DIRIGEZ les fantômes ! Le but est donc d’effrayer le maximum de gens possible. Plus vous les faites hurler, plus vous gagnez de points ! Le résultat est encore augmenté s’ils deviennent fous alliés, s’ils s’enfuient ou s’évanouissent… C’est une question de réservoir : plus vous effrayez de personnes, plus vous avez la capacité d’en effrayer.
Ghost Master is probably the world’s first real-time influence puzzle strategy game. It is the best Peter Molyneux title since Magic Carpet, but it has no Peter Molyneux in the credits. Will Wright probably had something to do with the game too, perhaps through a medium or maybe he just moonlighted under a different name to work on a small, non-Maxis project. Ghost Master is painted with the style of the designers. With a pedigree like that, who couldn’t like it?
WindowsArmchair Empire, The
Having ghostly and ghastly apparitions cast as characters in games is nothing new. Usually though, the focus is on playing as the ghost buster, not the ghost. But developer Sick Puppies throws that convention out the haunted mansion window. Mixing up a little bit of the television series “Dead Like Me,” a lot of The Sims, and some “Beetlejuice” for humorous measure in its creative cauldron, Sick Puppies has come up with an original and fun strategy title, Ghost Master.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Stellen Sie sich vor, sie sitzen gemütlich vor dem Fernseher. Plötzlich ergießen sich Hunderte von Spinnen über Sie, krabbeln auf Armen und Beinen herum und bedecken den gesamten Fußboden. Sie nehmen schreiend Reißaus, doch als Sie in der Diele ankommen, stehen Sie in einer riesigen Blut-Pfütze - irgendwo im Haus erklingt schallendes Gelächter.
Leute erschrecken macht richtig Spaß. Zumal, wenn man dazu derartig vielfältige Möglichkeiten an die Hand bekommt wie in Ghost Master. Bis man alle Fähigkeiten des Grusel-Personals einmal durchforstet hat, geht schon einige Zeit ins Land. Doch hat man den Dreh dann raus, ist das Spiel leider auch schon vorbei. Schade, hier hat man wohl einige Missionen schon für ein geplantes Addon zurückgehalten. Trotzdem: der Spielwitz und die lockerflockige Präsentation sorgen für beste Unterhaltung.
WindowsPlay (Poland)
W tej grze wiele elementów jest udanych. Należą do nich zarówno zabawne nawiązania do filmów zarówno w tytułach misji, jak i zadaniach, oglądanie świata oczami bohaterów i rozwój duchów. Ale najlepsze są zadania, w których zmuszamy ludzi do tego żeby nieświadomie pomagali nam w misji. Niepewność towarzyszy działaniom ludzi, a nie duchów. Wyjątkowa gra warta zainwestowania wielu godzin.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux
Ghost Master roept geen blijvend genre in het leven, ik verwacht niet meer Haunting Strategies te zien. Maar desondanks het uitblijven van een revolutie in gamesland, wist de game me verdacht lang bezig te houden. Het is na jaren van dezelfde games spelen gewoon leuk om eens iets heel anders te proberen. Een spelwereld in te duiken waar je nog niet alle regels kent. De game is zo uniek, dat ik niet denk dat strategy gamers zich er direct aangesproken door zullen voelen. Maar als je een leuke, pedagogisch verantwoorde game zoekt, of je wil wel eens iets anders dan altijd met een wapen in je hand rondrennen, moet je Ghost Master zeker overwegen.
Other than this, the only somewhat serious defect to Ghost Master is the lack of in-mission saves. The game automatically saves when you complete a mission and when you upgrade your ghosts in the Ghoul Room. If you're struggling through an especially difficult mission and need to stop the game because of real-life concerns, you're stuck with restarting it from the beginning. When will developers realize gamers have lives that interfere with gaming and quit forcing us to replay sections of games for no other reason than we had to go to bed? Despite this one flaw, it's hard to put Ghost Master down once you start playing it. You'll even be willing to endure the frustration of restarting the mission just because you want to try another ghost and see if it works better. And you'll probably find yourself redoing a completed mission so you can try to free that one fettered ghost you left behind. Besides, how many other games give you the option to create a human torch?
MacintoshMac Addict
We love Ghost Master for what it is, a light-hearted Amityville twist on the classic Sims game. It's funny and visually creative—great for gamers looking for a laugh rather than an adrenaline rush.
Ghost Master marries a unique concept with great execution. It's marred only by a few flaws in level design that make some parts of the game more frustrating than they should be. Overall, though, it's a great game -- especially for fans of horror movies.
In the end, Ghost Master is a game that, like the Sims, isn't a game to be enjoyed by scoring points or achieving goals. It's about the fun of scaring people out of their wits without really harming them. Strangely, this makes a game about raising and controlling the undead a lot less twisted than the Sims.
WindowsGame Chronicles
Despite the original concept and ingenious execution, I found the game a bit repetitive and even predictable after awhile. Once you master the learning curve and are able to manipulate and organize your team of ghosts effectively Ghost Master becomes more of a chore or at best an exercise in puzzle solving.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
Ghost Master is a game that tries to get by on its premise alone, and it succeeds, despite a few minor flaws. It’s unusual and a nice break from the average sim game. It’s an amusing game that’s easy to get pulled into, and it doesn’t demand too much of the player. It’s just fun. The easiest way to sum it up is to say: If you like the premise, you’ll almost certainly like the game.
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Deze versie zal snel in de vergetelheid geraken vrees ik, al moet ik toegeven dat ik in het begin toch wel gecharmeerd was door Ghostmaster. Maar lang blijft dat spijtig genoeg niet duren, ook al omdat je niet kan saven tijdens een missie. Kortom: een gemiste kans die toch wel wat leuke momenten in huis heeft. Ghostmaster is een heel leuk concept dat jammer genoeg neit ten volle is uitgewerkt waardoor het als een gemiste kans overkomt.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Ein Hoch auf das schadenfreudige Spielkonzept: Meine gruseligen Gehilfen jagen kreischende Mädchen durch das Haus. Es macht einen Höllenspaß, ganze Herden von Menschen in den Wahnsinn zu treiben. Letzterem wäre ich aber dank der fehlenden Speicherfunktion fast selber verfallen: Extrem frustrierend ist, einen Riesenlevel wie den siebenstöckigen Mafia-Dampfer im zweiten Akt von vorne beginnen zu müssen, nur weil man nach drei Stunden Spielzeit einen kleinen Fehler gemacht hat. Deshalb gibt’s trotz vieler guter Ideen einen fetten Wertungsabzug.
When they presented Ghost Master, they told that it was a completely new concept. I’ve taken the job to review it on me, because I want to try everything. And surely everyone wants to be a ghost once. Let the horror commence.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Ghost Master is, unfortunately, better in concept than in execution and more fun to watch than to play, But for anyone with a perverse streak and a taste for well-curdled blood, it still makes for a good way to pass a dark and stormy night.
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
For all its ambition and the obvious effort put into creating a fun and somewhat original title, Ghost Master doesn't have a lot of life in it past the initial novelty of scaring the crap out of people. There's no multiplayer mode to speak of, and the 14 missions available really aren't going to keep you occupied for long. The ability to hop back and forth collecting extra ghosts, and scoring high in order to buy your troops extra skills is novel for a while, but the occasional tedium of the main game will mean that you won't be kept occupied for long. Then again, with any luck we're going to see a lot of extra content for Ghost Master in the future to extend the life of what is clearly quite a hopeful little title, and with some extra levels and more imaginative tasks to put our hands to we probably won't have to give up on it just yet.
WindowsJoystick (French)
Ghostmaster aurait certainement mérité un 6 en technique, mais j'ai dû lui appliquer l'habituelle "pénalité de tutoiement" consistant à ôter un à deux points aux jeux qui osent nous parler ainsi. Le titre surprend par son humour et son gameplay parfois très fin. Les scénars et les situations sont souvent hilarantes. Une très bonne surprise.
In the end, Ghost Master is not supposed to be a glorified fish tank, however amusingly morbid; it promises satisfying game play and real strategic challenge. Unfortunately, these are promises it simply can't keep. Despite its strong personality and impressive presentation, Ghost Master isn't so formidible with the lights turned on.
L'idée de départ est bonne mais le déroulement du jeu trop répétitif et la réalisation pas vraiment à la hauteur font qu'Empire passe légèrement à coté de son sujet. Petite déception, donc, pour ce titre dont on attendait quand même un peu plus.
On appréciera bien sa convivialité, son originalité, sa diversité, et parfois même sa difficulté lorsqu'il s'agira de faire peur à nos aïeux, qui rappelons-le ne sont pas toujours de bonne humeur. Mais Ghost Master c'est aussi une atmosphère terrifiante à vous en lécher les babines dès que vous avez ouvert la boîte du jeu... Et vous, êtes-vous tombés raides, morts de peur ?
WindowsJust Adventure
If you like Real Time Strategy games that require your ability to deal with these type of details, then Ghost Master is the perfect game for you. But if, like me, you want a no frills attached straight to the action approach, you might find Ghost Master boring after a few hours. Scaring the bejeebers out of unsuspecting people is fun for a while, but soon becomes numbingly repetitive. Having played numerous RPGs that have gazillions of character details, I still think Ghost Master is bit too cumbersome and this negates what should have been the most important part of the game – the fun factor. Ghost Master is a great concept whose implementation falls short.