Ghostbusters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Enter a name for your ghostbusters franchise
Buying equipment for your vehicle
City map
Driving to a destination
Suck the ghosts up with the ghost vacuum
A ghost is found
Use the beams to lure ghosts to the traps
One of you has just been slimed
Trap a ghost successfully to earn money
Buildings colored purple indicate the ghost's next target
No ghosts here
Ghostbusters HQ

Apple II version

The loading screen
Title screen
Starting a new game
Outfit your car with some necessary equipment
The map of the city
Trying to catch a ghost...
Driving to the next haunting...
A ghost has been caught
A marshmallow catastrophe!!!

Atari 2600 version

Title screen
Purchase ghost busting equipment
The map of the city
Driving to the scene of a haunting
Trying to catch a ghost
A ghost is caught!
Use the ghost vacuum to catch ghosts when driving
Uh oh, the stay puffed marshmellow man!!

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
If you have the ghost vacuum, you can vacuum up ghosts you encounter on the driving screen
Buying a car and outfitting it
City grid display, buildings flash when they have a ghost problem
Remember, don't cross the beams!
A Slimer narrowly escapes the trap

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (with lyrics to the song!)
Setting up a new game
Set up your car with some essential equipment
Map of the city
Trying to catch a ghost
On the way to a haunting
Use the ghost vacuum to vacuum up ghosts
Caught a ghost!
Uh oh, marshmallow alert!!
Marshmallow catastrophe averted!
He slimed me!
Sneek past the marshmallow man to get into the temple of zuul

MSX version

Title screen, complete with karaoke
Starting out
Choose your car
Equip car
Driving to a ghost site
Setting up the trap at a haunted house
Ghostbusters GHQ
Marshmallow alert
Game over

NES version

Cruising through the city
On the way to HQ
Buying stuff in a shop
Approaching Zool.
Entering the building.
Approaching the roof.
Fighting Zool!
The other side of the rooftop reveals the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man climbing up.
Oh no! We failed!

PC Booter version

Activision logo
Title screen and credits
Title screen, complete with sing-a-long!
Welcome to the game; do you have an account?
Select a car, and outfit it with some equipment
Loading up the car.
The city map screen
Driving the car to the selected destination
Attempting to catch a ghost
Oops, too slow! The ghost has already left...

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Map Screen
Driving to Scene
Place the trap
Position the 'Busters
We be fast, and they be slow
Enter initials
The Shop

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen with sing along
Set up a new Ghostbusters franchise
Choose a vehicle
Equipping your car
The map of the city
Set a trap for this ghost
Attempting to catch a ghost
Driving to the next location
A marshmallow catastrophe!!
Replenish supplies at GHQ
Can you get past the marshmallow man?
Game over
Equipping a "Compact": Ghost Vacuum (for itinerant ghouls - "Roamers") + Ghosts traps ("Slimers"). (48K)
The house in red means it's infested with a "Slimer". (48K)
The house in magenta indicates the proximity of a ghost. (48K)
Driving the "Compact" to the infested house. (48K)
It's not an illusion, optical phenomena or bug (might be an availed bug). If the car is not equipped with a "Image Intensifier", the player will only see the flashes of a "Slimer". (48K)
Backpacks discharged... uh-oh! (48K)
Catching a "Slimer". (48K)
No more traps available. Must get back to the HQ. (48K)
A packed "Slimer" ready to be baked. (48K)
Do you see that quarter of a Giant Marshmallow over there, right there? Well, if you don't have any "bait" one of the buildings will for sure be destroyed by it. (48K)
All of the 4 pieces of the "Giant Marshmallow" were gathered, prepare yourself to loose substantial money. (48K)
Do you see that damaged building over therr? Yes right there at your lower left... Pretty nasty isn't it? I told ya, I wuzn'te kiddin'. The sailor ain't for picnics. (48K)
This is the "1963 Hearse". Looks more like the original from Ghostbusters. (48K)
A converted "slimer". (48K)
Guys are deciding where to party after a day of work dealing with slime. (48K)
Is it really necessary to comment this? (128K)
This is the "High-Performance", the best and the most expensive of all available cars. (128K)
- Hello, anybody's home? It's Jose, the pizza guy... double moss and rat tails, or it was cockroach pate...?
- Do not be afraid, I can guarantee you I'm not a Ghostbuster...
Catching a "Roamer" while driving the "High-Performance". Without a "ghosts vacuum" no "Roamer" can be sucked. (128K)
Building painted in yellow, a slimer and 2 ghostbusters... Ah! and a "Station Wagon" with Jessica Lange inside. (128K)
A true "Slimer". (128K)
- C'mon boyz, don't be shy, wanna meet the secrets of the occult?
The second before a poor "Slimer" was forever locked inside a cold magnetic box. (128K)
A "Slimer" in a box being transported to the car. There are still 3 available traps. (128K)
What can I say? The 128k version was only released in UK in 1986, because 128k were originally published in Spain. Fantastic isn't it? (128K)
This it the higher a trap can gets. A "1963 Hearse" is parked on the right. That's one of the obvious differences between 48K and 128K versions. (128K)
Missed the target. "Slimed"!
- Henrique, what have they done to you?
"Station Wagon" driver licence. Cleansing an "Itinerant Ghoul". (128K)
Do you see that gluey stuff in cyan? That's a "bait". Those are meant to attract "Giant Marshmallow Sailors" out of buildings. 2 quarters are already on their way. (128K)
The player was awarded for preventing a catastrophe. The "Marshmallow" man will become fragmented into "Roamers". (128K)
This is the right time to enter "Zuul's" building. You have to prevent the gate from being opened. (128K)
- 'Thou Shalt Not Pass' you puny squalid ant!!
(a crowd of children chewing and swallowing)
The gates are being closed! Hurraaa!! (Ewoks chanting: originals)
- Hey, c'mon!! Not in the plants dudes, that's expensive stuff!!
No, no, its not the end.