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Ghoul Patrol

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SNES 8 3.2
Wii Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined User Score 8 3.2

Critic Reviews

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SNESGamePro (US)
Good ghouls, good graphics, good fun! Ghoul Patrol is the closest you can get to the acclaimed Zombies Ate My Neighbors and it's a worthy successor.
Pas original, mais franchement efficace. Voilà comment on peut parler de ce jeu. Le contenu est vraiment séduisant et l'univers dans lequel on évolue est sympathique. Le mélange entre le bestiaire classique des films d'horreurs et un thème enfantin est un parti pris audacieux mais réussi. A part quelques scories (qui a parlé des bruitages?) il n'y a rien à redire. Si l'introduction ne vous a pas rebuté, ce jeu est fait pour vous.
SNESVideo Games
Mir als altem Horror-Fan gefiel das alte Zombies ate my Neighbours besonders gut. Dem Nachfolger fehlen zwar einige der schrägen Features des Vorgängers, dafür haben sich die Entwickler einige neue Dinge einfallen lassen. Mir geht besonders der nette Clown ab, mit dem man Monster anlocken konnte. Die unterschiedlichen Zeitepochen, in denen Ihr kämpft, sorgen für ständige Abwechslung und auch die Gegnerschaft wechselt mit der Zeit. Am meisten Spaß macht natürlich der Zweispielermodus, wobei das Spiel allerdings auch etwas schwieriger wird, denn Ihr müßt Eure Schritte aufeinander abstimmen, In brenzligen Situationen hilft der rote Zaubertrank, denn er verwandelt Euch kurzzeitig in ein unverwundbares Monster. Wenn Euch Zombies ate my Neighbours gefallen hat werdet Ihr auch an Ghoul Patrol Eure Freude haben.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
A worthy sequel to Zombie Ate My Neighbors! The gameplay is pretty much the same, but a few new options have been added like being able to jump and boss characters. A great salute to old, late-night horror movies.
SNESGameFan Magazine
When the prequel to this game come out last year, it was one of the most talked about games at GF. Now, a year later, JVC attempts to do nearly the same thing, without the original team. The game is OK, especially with Halloween here and the new big 'ol bosses and cool, but the control is off and a year's gone by.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Wenn Ihr Zomies durchgespielt und trotzdem noch Bock auf Monsterjagd habt, dann kauft Euch doch dieses Modul! Für alle anderen potentiellen Geisterjäger gilt die alte goldene Regel: „Willst Du echten Gegenwert, wär' Probespielen nicht verkehrt!“
People hate Ghoul Patrol...but what they're not seeing is that they kind of want to. Why do people want sequels to be superior to the originals, anyway? If Ghoul Patrol surpassed ZAMN like everyone wanted it to, you'd have no reason to ever play ZAMN again, would you? Ghoul Patrol is the perfect sequel. It's different but feels like the original, and it isn't so great that you can't appreciate the original.
SNESMega Fun
Obwohl das Spiel grafisch gesehen detaillierter ausfiel als der Vorgänger kann man Ghoul Partol insgesamt nicht als Fortschritt bewerten, dafür wird einfach zu wenig Neues geboten, und vor allem alleine wird‘s auf Dauer zu eintönig.
Si Ghoul Patrol n'est pas mauvais en tant que tel, le constat est quand même sévère pour une raison essentielle: les auteurs n'ont absolument pas compris l'originalité de Zombies et ce pourquoi il était si bon; avec cette suite, ils lui ont retiré tout ce qui le rendait unique en son genre pour en faire un jeu d'action assez vulgaire lorgnant du côté d'un shoot. Et c'est vrai qu'il finit par ressembler plus à un Super Star Wars en vue de dessus qu'au Zombies qu'on aime tant. Malgré quelques bonnes idées (l'hôtel hanté, les zombis sans tête) et une réalisation soignée, l'ambiance, sans humour, est aussi décevante que le gameplay. Le level design est également nettement moins bon et, autre ironie mordante, les principaux bugs de Zombies (victimes condamnées, murs qui accrochent) sont eux toujours présents.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Also, Ghoul Patrol doesn't have as much to do with classic horror this time and that's a shame. I'd rather have Frankenstein than Ghostbusters any day, but I suppose Ghostbusters will do in a pinch. Ghoul Patrol is a great game and a good sequel, but gosh darn it, I liked the Bijou a lot better than the multiplex.
WiiNintendo Life
There's certainly no denying the vast number of similarities between Ghoul Patrol and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Gamers who just couldn't get enough of the original might want to at least give the game a closer look now that it's available at a much more cost-efficient 800 points. That being said, the glaring omission of the original's off-beat humor and responsive controls might end up being too much for action fans to ignore, especially given the game's rather lofty difficulty level. Ghoul Patrol is a decent attempt at capturing the magic of Zombies but never seems to come off as anything more than a clumsy knock-off.
SNESRetrogaming History
Ghoul Patrol, in sostanza, è un flop: perde quasi completamente l'ironia e la comicità del predecessore, annacqua l'aspetto esplorativo per diventare un banale titolo d'azione, è tarato da un buon numero di cattive scelte a livello di game design (la più clamorosa è quella dei boss), da una certa svogliatezza (evidente, ad esempio, nel riciclaggio degli sprites del tristo mietitore per alcuni nemici) e da trovate incomprensibili (perché la prima epoca si compone di 4 stage mentre le successive ne hanno di meno e l'ultimo livello all'inferno è uno stage unico? E perché nella prima epoca ci sono dei piccioni che se salvati danno 50 punti, che poi non riappaiono più?). A volte, accade che un gioco trasformato in qualcosa di differente rimanga ancora un buon gioco, ad esempio Super Mario 2, alle volte invece no come in questo caso, che mette la parola "fine" a ogni possibile tentativo di proseguire la serie di Zombies.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Ghoul Patrol is too hard for its own good. You collect items like weapons, key, health, and potions, but even some of the potions are harmful! And adding insult to injury, although the instructions claim you get a password after each stage, in actuality you only get one every few stages. In terms of audio, most of the sound effects are recycled from Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and the music isn't nearly as catchy. In fact, these tunes sound like rejects from the first game. It doesn't look like much effort was put into Ghoul Patrol, and the result is disappointing.