Giana Sisters DS Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
And the tale begins...
Loading Screen
Mario changed a lot over the years - oh wait that's not him.
Evil Giana can shoot fireballs - and is the only one who can destroy blocks.
Found all red diamonds and scored a perfect.
Where this door might lead? I have no idea...
The game even features weather-effects!
The map of world 1 almost completely cleared.
The red flag indicated that I found all red diamonds in the level.
One of the bonus levels. They all feature plenty of blue diamonds but are not without enemies or that easy to master.
A red diamond conveniently located under the main track.
I wonder if that's another copyright infraction or if they paid the license to use those guys.
Anther Mario-Moment: There's a level you can completely skip by walking above the barrier.
The flower serves as the checkpoint in a level.
Bubblegum opens up the vertical space for Giana.
Don't hit those rocks or you'll fall.
That owl is one bad-ass creature.
Bees with rocket launchers - now I've seen everything.
You didn't think there weren't any snow levels, did you?
Inside Bowser's castle - no wait, again wrong game. That game doesn't make it easy for the player...
Finally fighting (one) of the bad guys.
Jumping to my death I think.
The soda can destroy bricks.
What a nice day.

Nintendo DS version

Introduction sequence
A precious chest (introduction)
She is about to lose them ... (introduction)
Map Screen
A giant owl throwing rocks at Giana.
Giana stomped on the owl and it falls on its back.
Watch out!
Bad weather
Castle dungeon
Aaaargh, a dragon!
Hey, what are you doing with that rock?
Bazooka Bee
Bonus Stage
Over the rainbow
Don't get burned!
Playing in the snow.
Entrance to a secret area
Fish pond
The red diamond is well guarded.
Yes, this thing is as dangerous as it looks.
Cave exit
Bouncing Ball
Floating in a bubble.