Global Commander Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

The main menu.
Where to send people.

Atari ST version

Armageddon outta here
Title screen
The main game screen at the start
Fly and run till it hurts
All quiet
Data mining
Who has the power?
Whose side will you take?
This could prove dangerous
If you're near Israel or Europe, don't cross them
Alliances are formed outside your control
Libya sending a message
Current weapon locations
You have a peacekeeping force which can be moved at will
This will be a test of my leadership
This couds spill over into wider trouble
International co-operation is always good
No use having one nation starve and another become overweight
These options are always available
It's armageddon, sir
The results of the combat
Make sure it doesn't happen again
Blame them for being attacked? Yea, why not?

Commodore 64 version

Do you want to play the game with a joystick or keyboard?
I just started my reign as Supreme Commander, and already my performance is acceptable
Troops are in Israel
According to this, the U.S.A., European Unite, and China have the highest percentage in terms of technology capability
It is always nice to have international co-operation
Message to Australia from India
Press the function keys to scramble messages
Let's listen to the radio
Well at least someone gives a damn about Argentina
Not good, not good
Strike in progress
Two countries are wiped off the map
The U.S. embassy in Canada has been bugged, message says

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
Control option.