User review spotlight: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (DOS)


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Back of Box - DOS (US):
    Can you help the good king regain his sanity before you lose yours forever? Your mission is to track down the dark force that's gleefully abusing the good king's voodoo doll. Find 'em, stop 'em, and usher in an era of peace and prosperity. Simple, huh?


    Gobliiins is a warped and wonderful quest, filled with level after level of truly twisted object, inventory, and logic puzzles. You command Hooter, Dwayne, and BoBo, three eager imps with special skills.

    Hooter casts spells. Dwayne can pick objects up and use them. BoBo has a mean right hook. Individually, they're no match for the dark force, but together...uh...well, they're still no match for the dark force. That's where you come in.

    Be prepared! Gobliiins is brain gobbling game goodness for true warriors of the warped! This is an adventure for imps... not wimps!

    Contributed by Trixter (8734) on Jan 26, 2008.

Unknown Source:
    The Gobliiins must venture through enchanted landscapes littered with hidden traps that must be avoided at all cost. Each of the Gobliiins should use his special skills to get around them.

    Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2148) on Mar 26, 2000.