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Advertising Blurbs

Italian distributor's website (PC version):
    Governate assieme a Fingus il diplomatico e Winkle il mattacchione per salvare il giovane principe, rapito da un Re demonio che vuole farne il suo buffone... - Tutto in italiano -

    Contributed by jean-louis (22189) on Jan 03, 2015.

Back of Box - DOS (US):

    You already know the the mischievous gobliiins, those irresistibly funny and unpredictable elves? Our little adventurers find themselves in situations even more comical than before! This time there are two of them: Fingus, the diplomat, and Winkle, the practical joker. They set off in search of the young Prince, kidnapped by the Demon King. This imposter wants to to make a jester of him... How wicked!

    Never forget, in order to progress through this action-packed adventure littered with traps, that Fingus and Winkle often have to work together, combining strength and cunning...

    Twice the Mind-Munching Madness with Two Imps

    Someone has kidnapped the prince and it's up to you and two hilarious sidekicks, Winkle and Fingus, to rescue him. Winkle is a reckless jokester, while Fingus is careful and has a gift for solving puzzles. Luckily, they're blessed with extraordinary vitality. In other words, they never die. That'll sure come in handy when you're up against Wily Wizard's traps, maniacal monsters, and twisted and perplexing puzzles. Gobiliins is brain-gobbling-game-goodness for true warriors of the warped. Definitely for imps, not wimps.

    - Test your skill with multi-character mouse control

    - Meet face-to-face with hilarious, extremely unpredictable animated characters

    - Fry your gray matter with seven brain-busting episodes with up to five interconnected scenes

    Contributed by MAN-biker (75) on Nov 17, 2000.