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God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

The main menu
The treasury contains additional game modes and materials, unlocked when certain requirements are met.
Look who's here! Little Scilla asked herself ...
... to be killed.
Do they teach acrobatics in Sparta?
Fighting along the rope.
Kratos sure had his time with mechanical contraptions.
Behold the power of the «Eye of the Atlantis»!
I never liked walking on the beams above rivers of fire.
If you're not careful enough, medusas will petrify and shatter Kratos in seconds.
Just found another stats upgrade item, the «Gorgon Eye».
Boss fights are generally more difficult, you'll have to use everything at your disposal.
The stone bridge crashes just under your feet, act quickly and don't miss jumping on the monster.
Nice boobs
«Scourge of Erinys» channels health and orbs to Kratos, along with multiple devastating hits.
Some acrobatic sequences look really breathtaking.
Classical God of War power-up system. Pour orbs into the desired field and enjoy even more powerful versions of it.
Quick time event with a medusa.
Those annoying creatures appear only on the walls and ropes. What the heck?
Another bloodthirsty QTE.
The shield protects Kratos against environmental hazards.
Freezing cannon fodder with «Horn of Boreas».
The spear is faster than Athena's Blades and also has a distance attack.
My spear is stronger than your bows!
Dealing with cyclops: done.
Kratos doesn't like other passengers in the elevator.
Cycloning the Chaos.
Kratos uses automaton's own weapons against him.
Minotaur, almost dead.
Sometimes, the spear is the only way to go.
Kratos takes a bath.
Your personal lawnmower, the God of War.
Some monsters have really annoying attacks, which pin you down to the floor almost every time.
Cyclops-finishing QTE
Didn't I say that moving blocks is boring?
Death and destruction come along with Kratos.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Screenshots

PSP version

Main menu.
Poor Kratos, Gods have fooled him again and visions are still there.
Don't you feel déjà vu?
Cleaning the deck.
Tentacle massacre porn.
Facing Scylla, the first boss.
Funny nose, Scylla!
Sliding the rope
Even the gods has to use green orbs.
Climbing the wall.
Those guys deserve death for interfering such a view.
Yet again, Kratos has to enter the realm of death.
Classical elevator action.
Now you can grab enemy and beat him to a pulp on the floor...
...or throw into other guys.
Fighting the cyclops.
Swimming underwater.
Ughh, so tough to open!
In order to know himself, Kratos visits his vision of past.
Whirlwind of death.
Sometimes, player have to destroy obstacles to clear his path.
Automatons could be killed with Thera's Bane only.
One step forward to volcano eruption.
Kratos has to jump from sliding in right time.
Finishing the Scylla. She was annoying.
Citizen of Atlantis? He'll die anyway, so why not?
With PSP's tiny stick it's hard to keep balance.
Take this, you peaceful man.
Fighting on the rope.
Solving the puzzle.
Medusa finishing sequence.