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Back of Box - DOS (US):
    • 3 man years of development.
    • 7,000 frames of animation.
    • 140 hero actions.
    • 18,000 individual pieces of graphics.
    • 600K of music and sound effects
    • 8 megabytes of code and data.
    • Over 80 screens of non-stop action and devious puzzles.


    For 400 years no-one has dared to take up the toughest challenge man has ever known - to find Quetzacotl's GOLD OF THE AZTECS. No-one has dared, that is until today. Bret Conrad, ex Special Forces Commander (and all round great guy) is bored. His combat training has made mortal danger a way of life, and since he was forced into retirement for being a liability to himself and his men, he's been looking for a death defying mission that he can really get his teeth into. This time the odds are really stacked against him and you - in one of the biggest, most fascinating adventure games ever devised!

    Contributed by DJP Mom (11393) on Apr 30, 2007.