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Gold Rush!
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])
Written on July 07, 2014

You are Jerrod Wilson, a local citizen who currently works for a newspaper in his home town of Brooklyn Heights, NY. It is 1848, and the California Gold Rush is about to begin. Jerrod wants to join those who want to strike gold, as well as looking for his long lost brother. But by doing this, he has to sell his house and say goodbye to a job he likes.


Before starting the game, make sure that you become familiar with Brooklyn Heights, and that you save the game immediately before doing so. After fourteen minutes from the start of the game, the Gold Rush will be announced. At that point, prices will increased, and you will have a difficult time getting ready for the journey to California. You can keep track of the time by pressing [F6 / Shift-6]. Once you feel comfortable with the surroundings, you can restore your game and begin proper.


From your starting point, go south. You have arrived at Front Street, and your house is number ten. Go to the front gate and UNLOCK GATE. Go up to the door and UNLOCK DOOR to enter.


Do not walk into the middle of the road. The carriages will come Jerrod's way and will run him over if you are not careful.

Inside this cozy house, walk up to the table and LOOK TABLE. There is a family album on it. LOOK ALBUM. Jerrod will open the album and look at old family photos. TAKE PHOTO from the back of the album. Now, walk to the roll-top desk and CLOSE DESK, then TAKE STATEMENT stuck on it. There is nothing you can do in the bedroom, closet, or kitchen. So leave the house and walk out front.

Before heading West, you need to do a few things first. One is selling your house. SELL HOUSE and a “For Sale” sign will be slapped onto the lamp post. Leave the screen and return until a real estate agent should come with a wad of cash in his hand. TALK MAN and he will offer you $850 for it. Say YES and the house will be sold. After handing him your keys, the agent enters the house and is never seen again. Go west to arrive at the gazebo.

Enter the gazebo and TAKE FLOWERS around it. LOOK CRACK to see something in it. (You may need to move around a bit until Jerrod can see what is in it.) It is a gold coin. TAKE COIN. Leave the gazebo and head to the cemetery.


Pay attention to the signs posted around this area. If Jerrod is caught walking on the grass, he won't be arrested, but you will lose points.

Once you're past the gate, head east once more. See those two graves together? Those belong to your parents, Marshall and Martha Wilson. DROP FLOWERS and this will bring back memories how how they were killed in an accident involving a horse-drawn carriage. You can go east and admire the view if you like. Leave the cemetery and enter the newspaper building.

This is the place Jerrod works. Go through the doorway to the north to enter the second floor. Your office is the front one on the right. Enter and go to your desk. LOOK DESK and LOOK BLOTTER to notice some newspaper clippings under it. READ CLIPPINGS. It is about your brother Jake, who had been accused of a crime he didn't commit, and forced to leave town and never return.

Go back downstairs and go to the front office on the left, where your boss works. Tell him that you QUIT and leave the building. Now, go into the bank and LOOK STATEMENT. You have $200 stashed in the bank. Note down your account number (it's random every game) and approach the teller. When you get served, GET MONEY and enter the account number. Leave the bank.

Enter the warehouse (where the ship is docked) and READ POSTER stuck on the pillar. The Sea Farer is ready to be dispatched, and tickets can be purchased from 12 Front Street, right next door to your former house. Go to the post office and RING BELL. When the postmaster comes out, CHECK MAIL. He will collect some mail from your pigeonhole for you. TAKE LETTER and READ LETTER. LOOK LETTER to notice a postmark and stamp on it. LOOK POSTMARK. This letter came from Sutter's Fort. TAKE STAMP to get a gold flake hidden under it. OPEN LETTER and READ LETTER. It is from your brother Jake, who is living near the American River. Holes in the letter have been cut intentionally.


Now that you have the money, you may want to consider buying tickets for whatever route you decided to take. The three routes are:

  • Via Independence, Missouri (stage coach)
  • Via Cape Horn (ship)
  • Via Panama (ship)
If you choose to get to California via stage coach, enter the stage coach office, go up to the counter, and BUY TICKET. The ticket costs $200. Say YES when the man asks if you're interested in a ticket, and PAY MAN when you're finished. You will become a member of the Long Island Joint Mining and Stock Company who will be located in Independence, Missouri and that you must show the ticket to the man at the livery stable.

If you choose to go on either ship route, go to Leonard at 12 Front Street and wait by the gate. He will come out and ask you if you want to purchase a ticket, say YES. When he asks you what route you want to take, say CAPE HORN or PANAMA. Finally, say YES (again) if he asks you if you are interested. Be aware that you have four minutes after the Gold Rush has been declared to purchase tickets. After that, the ships will set sail and you will be forced to get to California via stage coach,

This walkthrough will be split up into three parts, and these parts will cover the different routes in this order. Only read the part for the route you decided to take. Once you completed that route, the walkthrough will continue from the section marked “Sutter's Fort”.


Be sure to save your game before getting onto the stage coach or ship. The chances of catching diseases such as cholera on the way to California is completely random. If you happen to get a disease, just restore your game until you get to your destination safely.


Go to the stage coach office and purchase your ticket. After this, LOOK TICKET to view your itinerary, then leave the office and go east where the stage coach is waiting for you by the livery. Go into the stable and TALK MAN. Go wait outside until he can serve you. When he does, SHOW TICKET. Go around to the door that leads inside the stage coach, and OPEN DOOR.

When you reach Independence, you see three men talking to one another on the right. Go left and TALK MAN reading a book. He will give you his bible. Go back to the three men talking with one another. The man in the black clothing is Captain Buddy. TALK CAPTAIN. After some introductions, he will say that the company's funds are getting low. GIVE MONEY to him and he will give you an assignment: go and find some animals to pull the wagons.

Go south and approach the seller, and BUY OXEN. When you are given a choice of purchasing young or mature oxen, say MATURE. He promises to deliver them before nightfall. Good for him.


The young oxen are not trained to survive the desert, so if you decide to go with them, you will regret it later.

Return to Captain Buddy and TALK CAPTAIN to receive your second assignment: determine when it is time to head for California. Pay attention to what he says.

Walk north and LOOK GRASS. You will want the message “The mud is beginning to dry to appear” to appear, so leave the screen and come back, then repeat the command until you see it. Now, go back to the captain and TALK CAPTAIN to continue the journey West.

At the half-way point, the captain orders a halt on the wagon so that the oxens can go down to the Green River to drink. The river is at the bottom of the steep hill you're on. UNHITCH WAGON and the animals will go down the hill and drink.


You need to do this quickly, otherwise the animals will pull the wagon themselves as soon as they see the Green River, and the wagon will crash and end up just like the other wagons that attempted to go down the hill before it.

When the animals return to the wagon, LOCK WHEELS. The wagon team continues westward. Eventually, the captain makes the mistake of choosing to go through the Truckee Route where it leads them into an endless desert. Jerrod is about to die of thirst and starvation unless he does something quick. Walk to the abandoned wagon nearby and LOOK INSIDE WAGON to see some discarded meat. EAT MEAT and LOOK WAGON to notice a barrel. OPEN BARREL and DRINK WATER from it. Now catch up with your team.


Assuming you already brought a ticket, go into the grocery store and BUY FRUIT. Go up to the warehouse and get on board the ship, and SHOW TICKET to whoever walks by. When the ship finally leaves New York and you get control back, go to the man at the far end and TALK MAN to be given a bible. After that, feel free to look around and talk to everyone on board.


If you didn't get the fruit, then Jerrod will get scurvy by the time the ship reaches Rio De Janeiro.

When the ship reaches Cape Horn, there will be a storm, and it doesn't look good for yourself or the crew. You can still talk to everyone to hear a different conversation, but don't go overboard. Go into the captain's cabin and TAKE PAPER CLIP. Now, go into the boiler room and TAKE STICK leaning on the wall.

Eventually, the game warns you that food is running low, so go into the area where two men are cooking the pig that was running amok earlier and TAKE HAM. Go into the bunk room and TAKE STRING. Head to the engine and TAKE SCRAPS. Walk toward the far left of the ship and FISH. Jerrod will fish using the piece of ham as bait. As soon as he reels it in.

When the ship arrives in Sacramento, there are a lot of people walking around the town. If you press the left or right cursor keys, you will find out that you haven't disembarked yet. You must immediately go inside the stage building, the white and gray building on the right with the two doorways. LOOK SCHEDULE to make sure you haven't missed it, then GET ON.


When you purchased your ticket, go to the hardware store, walk up to the counter, and BUY NET. Get on board the ship and SHOW TICKET to the men walking by. Enjoy the journey.

When you get to the Panamanian jungle, your journey will be interrupted by natives who threaten to kill everyone if they don't get their possessions. When the guide asks you if you want to go through with it, reply YES.

There is a scene where all of you have to trek through another part of the jungle. A man is sitting against a tree reading a book. TALK MAN and he will give you a bible. Try walking down the path. Jerrod will be approached by ants that are heading his way. JUMP VINE to avoid them. The ants will stay on this screen for a moment, then disappear into the bushes. When they do, GET OFF and proceed east.

Before Jerrod are three paths; all three are surrounded by dense vegetation, but only two of them are deadly. Walk on the upper path and keep walking near the middle until you get a message saying “Ouch!!!”, meaning that Jerrod stuck his toe on something. LOOK GROUND and TAKE DISK. Continue walking down the same path then go east.

You will arrive at a river, and Jerrod will need to cross it safely. It helps to walk about 1/3 of the way across, then diagonally up right, then straight across. Hopefully, you will walk back on the dirt path and make your way east.


Make sure you save the game before attempting to cross the river. You'll never know if an alligator will attack you or you will just get that sinking feeling.

You will get back on the ship and make your way to Panama City, where you and the other passengers disembark the ship and get on boats that take you to all the way to Sacramento City. There, you must immediately enter the stage office and LOOK SCHEDULE. GET ON the coach.


So you made it to California safely. Not only do you want to strike it reach, but you want to search for long lost brother, Jake. First, you need some supplies. Before you do, explore the town for a minute so that you become familiar with it. Once you feel comfortable with the surroundings, TALK MAN sitting by the big gate and he will tell you what you need: gold pan, lantern, shovel, and a mule.

Go into the blacksmith and TALK MAN. Answer YEA to his first two questions, then WILSON followed by JERROD. Finally, answer the last question with JAKE. The blacksmith will tell Jerrod that his brother is called James, and he hands you a branding iron. LOOK BRANDING IRON to notice that it looks like a horseshoe with a key under it. Head to the trading store and TALK MAN. Either BUY PAN or BUY SHOVEL from him and GIVE COIN.

Head into the cemetery and READ GRAVE until you find Wilson Marshall's. It starts off with a Psalm 23 reference. USE LETTER to get it out. Jake punched some holes in his letter for a reason. Use the cursor keys until you see R 2 1 on the top, and O O M below that. Unscrambled, it reads “Room 21”. READ PSALM 23. The words “Green Pastures” is in uppercase letters, so maybe that's a clue. Hit [F8 / Shift-8] to return to the normal view.

It's time to start searching for gold. Leave Sutter's Fort and walk to the outskirts. Walk for at least five screens to the east and start. If you brought the gold pan, go into the stream and PAN. If you brought the shovel, DIG into the ground. If you are unlucky enough not to find any gold, just keep trying.


1. You must find gold at least fifty times as you need to spend a lot of it during the remainder of the game. The game randomly decides how many gold you can find on one screen. Once you reach fifty pieces of gold, you cannot get any more.
2. You may only search in the same area three times. After that, you need to move to a different place.


Make sure not to dig or pan while in someone's vicinity. If you do, then Jerrod will get hanged without warning. The same thing happens when you fail the copy protection at the start of the game.

Once you reach fifty gold, return to Sutter's Fort and go back to the trading store. There, BUY SHOVEL and BUY LANTERN. (Make sure you PAY GOLD after each purchase.) Head to the corral and TALK MAN. BUY MULE and PAY MAN. After the man gets Jerrod a mule, TAKE MULE and go back to the blacksmith. Now, go inside and HEAT IRON. Go outside to your mule and BRAND MULE.

Go to the stable, and the man will inspect your mule and tell you to leave your mule somewhere. Go into any store and LEAVE MULE. After you have done that, find a “trusty, high-spirited and stubborn” mule with a horseshoe and key branded on it, and TAKE MULE. Leave the stable.


Just before you leave the stable, make sure that the mule has a horseshoe with key on it. The man will inspect the mule once more to make sure that it isn't being stolen. If you took the mule with the wrong brand, you will get hung.

Head into the outskirts, and with the mule still following you, go east until you see the stream fork off to the right (with a red fence surrounding it). Go east (x2) and Jerrod will arrive at Coloma.


Be careful when you walk to Coloma and save your game regularly. This mule is dumb, and if he bumps into a tree, it will get confused, with the possibility that it will walk off-screen. Your best bet is to walk close to the edge of the stream, but as soon as you walked east for sixteen miles, move to the middle of the screen and continue.


Explore the town for a bit, then find the Green Pastures hotel. There is a hitching post outside the main door. HITCH MULE to it and enter. Go up to the counter and BOOK ROOM 11. The man will ask you to give a letter to the person staying in room eleven. Say YES. Now, go upstairs to room eleven and KNOCK. When the beggar answers the door, GIVE MESSAGE to him. As soon as he leaves, enter the room.

LOOK FIREPLACE. There is a cannon on top of it. Get close to it and TURN WHEEL. A secret passage opens up behind the fireplace. ENTER FIREPLACE. When Jerrod has crawled through to room twelve, go to the window. UNLATCH WINDOW and OPEN WINDOW. Pretty soon, the homing pigeon will come through the window and enter the cage to the left.

LOOK BIRD to notice the small capsule attached to its leg. PUT PHOTO IN CAPSULE. The pigeon will leave and deliver the photo to James. While you are waiting for it to come back, LOOK TABLE. There is a handwritten note and a magnet on it. TAKE MAGNET and TAKE NOTE. READ NOTE. It is addressed to us from Jake (aka: James) telling Jerrod to find him if he is looking for gold. TAKE STRING lying on the floor. When it has returned to its cage, go up to it and TAKE AEROGRAM. READ AEROGRAM. It tells Jerrod to follow our friend (the “friend” being the mule outside) to James.

The beggar should have returned to his room already, so go to the window and CLIMB THROUGH WINDOW. When Jerrod is on the ledge, shimmy to the left to reach the balcony, then go through the left door to re-enter the upstairs hallway.


Save the game before walking past the window. A person will be walking in front of the window, and if Jerrod tries to walk past when you see him there, he will be knocked off the ledge and the game will end.

Go down the stairs and leave the hotel, then walk out of town. FOLLOW MULE to James's cabin.


Once you reach it, the mule will drink out of the tough at the side of the cabin. There is also an outhouse on the right with a crescent moon on the side of it and flies hovering around.. Enter the house and GET MATCHES from the table. Leave the cabin and walk to the outhouse.


If you have trouble walking towards the path that leads to the outhouse, go to the bush where Jerrod is completely hidden from view, and then walk west. The path is narrow, so you may have to jiggle a bit.

Enter the outhouse. This looks just like an ordinary outhouse, but it isn't. ENTER HOLE in the toilet, and Jerrod asks you if he needs to do this. To complete the game, you would say YES. Jerrod will end up in a dark gold mine, so LIGHT LANTERN and go west until you come to a red door that has a hole that resembles a horseshoe and key. Unfortunately, it is locked and we don't have a key, so we have to unlock it with something else. TIE STRING TO MAGNET and PUT MAGNET IN HOLE. Now, LOWER MAGNET and PULL STRING to pull up a steel key that has been lying on the other side of the door. UNLOCK DOOR with the key. As soon as you go through the door, go left and climb down the ladder.


Make sure you save the game before attempting to climb any ladders, in case you happen to fall to your death.


There is no point in climbing up the first ladder, unless you want to return to James's Cabin.

When you reach the bottom of the ladder, go left to reach a second ladder, then climb it all the way down. Go right and TAKE PICK from the ground. There are gold deposits in the mine. Some are visible and some hidden. For the gold that is visible, just GET GOLD. For those that are hidden, get close to the wall as you can and USE PICK on the walls to see if you have struck gold. If not, keep trying.


Picking for gold is entirely optional; but you do get some points if you found a nugget or two.

Once you have a few pieces of gold, go up the ladder to the top and GET NUGGETS. Move down the ladder a bit and enter the mine shaft on the left. Continue along the path (being careful not to fall in the crevice) and climb down the ladder to the bottom. Go left until you find a room with your brother James.

You will be in a big room with two lanterns: one on the table, and the other hanging on a hook besides where James is picking. After getting re-acquainted with your brother, go up to the wall and USE PICK until you see a hole. Keep PICKing at the hole three more times to enlarge it. It looks like an undiscovered cavern on the other side. GO THROUGH HOLE. Inside the cavern are large deposits of gold separated by a stream. It's the greatest discovery yet!

Congratulations! You have just completed Gold Rush!

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