Golden Axe II

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More of the same but with less impressive graphics Genesis Roedie (5211)
Golden Axe expansion pack... Genesis Majestic Lizard (655)
One of the best sequels I have ever played. Also, it's great as a stand-alone game, and I think it is the best of this type of game that I have ever played. Genesis J. David Taylor (28)
More Silver Than Golden Genesis ETJB (447)
Took me Five minutes to complete... Genesis emmamomocat (30)

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Arcade Awaiting 1 votes...
Genesis 36 3.9
iPhone 1 4.0
Wii 2 3.6
Windows 3 3.8
Combined User Score 42 3.9

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GenesisThe Video Game Critic
I really love this game. It surpasses its predecessor in every way, although both play pretty much the same. The same three characters are back (warrior, babe, and dwarf), but the enemies are much more interesting this time around. Skeletons rise from their graves (as if from an old Ray Harryhausen film) and large demonic creatures tower overhead. The graphics are slightly refined, as are the controls. You can now aim left or right when performing throws, adding a bit more strategy. Another new feature is controlling the "strength" of your magic attack. By holding down the magic button for a certain duration, a visual meter displays the degree of carnage you're about to unleash. The medieval scenery looks great and the musical score is first-rate. Golden Axe 2 is fun enough with one player, but the two-player mode is where it really shines. Fans of the first Golden Axe should feel right at home with this one.
GenesisHobby Consolas
Bonitos niveles de factura lírica, encantadoras melodías de ambiente medieval y una jugabilidad capaz de elevar la adicción al límite de la realidad, crean un juego que, por segunda vez, hará historia.
La sensación final que nos deja Golden Axe II es la de un juego muy conseguido en todos sus apartados, con un gran despliegue visual y sonoro, que pese a no innovar demasiado en la jugabilidad, consigue perfeccionar la mayoría de los defectos que arrastraba Golden Axe. Un gran juego que hará sentir a los fans de la primera parte como en casa.
Certainement pas inférieur au premier épisode, Golden Axe II n’en est pas pour autant meilleur. Le peu d’améliorations graphiques, le recyclage des ennemis d’un opus à l’autre et le gameplay statique vous donneront l’impression de jouer à un prolongement de la série plutôt qu’à un nouvel épisode. Si c’est votre premier Golden Axe, vous pouvez vous jeter à corps perdu dessus, dans le cas contraire, ils est à réserver à ceux que le premier épisode n’a pas lassés.
GenesisGamePro (US)
In a nutshell, Axe II is a fun free-for-all which may not be a step forward for Axoholics, but isn't a step backward, either. Any complaints are in the "too bad" department and don't overly detract from an otherwise solid slice-n-dicer. So if you've got an axe to grind, even if it's a bit rusty, grab a friend and take a swing at Golden Axe II!
Overall, Golden Axe II is a competent sequel that falls short compared to its source. A little innovation would have improved its final score but the great quest and ramped up difficulty ensure that Golden Axe charm does indeed remain.
GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Make no mistake it's a fab game in its own right, but we were all expecting improvements and additions which just aren't there. Quite simply this is more of the same to the same standards of it's predecessor, which were admittedly very high. It's fair to say the graphics have been tweaked, the backgrounds look great and sound is cool - but it's just not a significant advance over the original. If you're a brand new Megadrive owner and are looking for good thump 'n' slash laffs then i'd recommend you get this cart, but if you've already got Golden Axe don't bother. Why pay extra cash for something you've already got?
GenesisVideo Games
Warum ließ sich Sega nicht ein bißchen mehr einfallen, als eine halbe Handvoll grafischer Veränderung und ein dezentes Anheben des Schwierigkeitsgrades? Golden Axe 2 ist wie der Vorgänger ein Prügelmodul, das solo angespielt kurzfristig unterhält und mit einem menschlichen Mitspieler zum Mordsspaß ausartet. Hat man den finalen Obermotz erst einmal aufs Kreuz gelegt (und damit alles gesehen) ist‘s um den Unterhaltungswert geschehen; selbst der Duell-Modus, in dem Ihr hintereinander gegen alle Monster des Spiels antretet, bietet dann keinerlei Reiz mehr. Mit konsequenten Neuerungen und Feinden, die von Level zu Level nicht nur die Hautfarbe ändern, wäre Golden Axe 2 zum Prügel-Knüller geworden. So langt‘s (nicht zuletzt dank der gewohnt witzigen Animationen) gerade noch zu einem Schulterschluß mit dem spielerisch verwandtem “Alien Storm“.
GenesisPower Play
Mit Golden Axe 2 ging Sega auf Nummer sicher. Spielerische Änderungen gegenüber dem Vorgänger oder der Sf-Variante "Alien Storm" sucht man vergebens. Lediglich ein paar aufgefrischte, neue Schlagtechniken beherrschen die gleichen Helden, die auch schon die erste goldene Axt wiederbeschafften. Auch technisch hat sich nicht allzuviel getan. Zwar unterwarf Sega dem Actionveteran einer Grafikkur, aber die neuen Pixel täuschen nicht darüber hinweg, daß der Levelaufbau bei beiden Spielen nahezu identisch ist. Wer schon Golden Axe 1 hat, sollte es sich zweimal überlegen, ob er die Fortsetzung kauft - außer er prügelte sich total begeistert durch den Erstling. Neueinsteiger werden allerdings ihre helle Freude haben. Vor allem zu zweit und im Duellmodus kitzelt man aus der dumpfen Prügelei eine ganze Menge Spielspaß heraus. Solo fällt das Vergnügen aber etwas ab. Leider knickt die ansonsten ziemlich hohe Motivationskurve nach dem Sieg über Dark Guld deutlich ab.
70 (UK)
Re-released on a download service that is hardly suffering from a lack of side-scrolling brawlers, there's really no reason to make this a priority and's still damn good fun. Not a patch on Streets of Rage, but certainly in the upper echelons of its genre. Your move-set is nicely varied, with numerous context-sensitive slashes, grapples and throws, while the ability to ride dragons and unleash smart bomb magic attacks go some way to break up the relentless pounding. It's also kind of easy, so those who shiver at the thought of the legendary toughness of retro games need not be afraid. Decent, then, but non-essential.
Golden Axe 2 is showing its age a little now at nearly 20 years but it’s still fun. If you’ve never played the title before then $3 might feel a little steep for only a few hours of fun, but if you’ve been here before, you’ll just be so pleased that your memories weren’t just rose tinted, they were the truth. It’s a retro classic you’ll be pleased to have in your collection.
GenesisDigital Press - Classic Video Games
If I have any gripes, there are two minor ones: the music is weak compared to the first version, and the death screams leave something to be desired. Despite these two shortcomings, Golden Axe 2 is a must for hack and slash fans.
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Insgesamt macht Golden Axe II deutlich weniger Spaß als der erste Teil, obwohl es sich im Grunde um dasselbe Spiel handelt. Neuerungen wie irgendwelche Extras oder ähnliches wurden nämlich nicht eingebunden. Wer den ersten Teil noch nicht besitzt, sich aber den zweiten zulegen möchte, der sollte doch lieber auf das Original zurückgreifen. Das bietet spielerisch nämlich dasselbe, aber mit weitaus besserem Sound und ideenreicherer Grafik.
Golden Axe II è un buon giochino, sfrutta il nome che porta e non fa molto altro per elevarsi dalla massa sfoggiando uno scenario e delle meccaniche pigre ed indolenti, fin troppo congruente al primo GA intristisce per non essersi saputo evolvere su Mega Drive, per non aver spinto la saga ben oltre i livelli raggiunti, cosa peraltro realizzabilissima con un piccolo sforzo da parte dei programmatori. Uno sviluppo sulla falsariga di quello di Bare Knuckle dal primo al secondo episodio avrebbe acceso una nuova stella nella ludoteca MD, peccato.
Though the game has its merits and can be fun to play with a friend, there just isn't anything noteworthy about Golden Axe II that would set it above its own predecessor. It's like a rerun of the scene from 1991 – new players may have discovered the Golden Axe franchise through downloading the original on the Virtual Console, but will be disappointed to find that this follow-up does nothing new with the design. If that's you, don't bother spending the 800 Wii Points on this one. If you haven't yet downloaded either one, and want to, then this sequel gets the very slight nod on the merits of its minor improvements, like the upgraded magic attack system. But only the most nostalgic of Sega fans should consider owning both, because it's like having the same game downloaded twice.
WiiNintendo Life
It's a shame that Sega expected the general public to pay good money for a game they'd already played to death over a year beforehand, but Golden Axe II is still a worthy purchase for fans of the series. This sequel does lose some of the charm that the original had so if you are a newcomer to the series we recommend you start with the first game which is a better game all-round.
Sega's released a variety of 16-bit Genesis games on the App Store, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage 2 and the original Golden Axe. Now comes the sequel, aptly titled Golden Axe 2. Despite its short length, this classic offers a few hours of 2D hack and slash fun.
Golden Axe II has already been a part of many greatest hits compilations, and you could argue the title hasn't aged well. But I think it suits the mobile platform just fine. The simple controls work well on the virtual D-pad (though obviously it's nicer on an iPad than on the more crowded iPhone or iPod Touch), especially since you won't be expected to do much more than point your warrior towards enemies and send them to a 16-bit oblivion. Multiplayer will be the main draw, just don't expect counts less hours of gaming. A short trip down memory lane while on the go should suffice.
GenesisAll Game Guide
Several features could have been added to help set this title apart from Golden Axe. New twists like riding a dragon through the skies, playing as a monster, gaining levels, mastering finishing moves, or even using different weapons. One thing that has changed are the original game's elves and potions -- now they're cloaked magicians and books, respectively. It gives the game a whole new feel... All kidding aside, those looking for a significant departure from Golden Axe should pass on this sequel. It is the same hack-and-slash action with a slight change of scenery. The game is still enjoyable for what it is, however, and fans of the original probably won't mind that it's more of the same.
In most respects, Golden Axe II is a carbon copy of the original Golden Axe. Like the first game, the sequel is a medieval-themed beat-'em-up that lets one or two players hack and slash their way through six levels of undead warriors or evil wizards. Sega concocted new enemies and new levels for this second game, as well as tweaked the way magic spells are used. But otherwise, it left the underlying gameplay and presentation quality alone. Unfortunately, the one aspect of the original game that didn't make it into the sequel is its charm. More to the point, Golden Axe II lacks all of the stylish nuances that made it so easy for players to overlook the first game's shortcomings and have a good time.