Golden Axe: The Duel Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

title screen
Characters eyes
Select player
Time to figh! Death Adder wants blood!
Staff in head
Colorful attack
Special move
Second player joins to game
Dwarf versus Green - Blanka Clone :D
Axe slash
Hard hit
Block with sword
Ass attack!
Jamom vs Milla Flare
Like a Wolverine
Winner's pose
Good armor, axe just scratches me
Good answer
Some blood. At last.
Doc's mirror match
Keel with daggers vs Gillius with axe. I bet 0:1
Keel learns to fly

SEGA Saturn version

The prologue.
Intro shot 1.
Intro shot 2.
Please note the odd, widescreen aspect ratio.
Character selection.
Pre-fight loading screen. Not sure who ripped off whom, but doesn't this girl look a lot like a character from Samurai Shodown?
Getting my ass handed to me by the uber-cheap AI.
...triumphantly cheap AI!
Continue? More frustration please!
It takes a generic dwarf to defeat a generic barbarian!
Gimli, I mean Gillius wins!
About to fight an even nastier opponent.
Fighting against some deranged elf-guy.
Lovely! Some man-eating clams in the background.
At least the CPU makes your demise spectacular.
The special moves are hard to pull off, and even when you do, they are kind of weak.