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Golden Axe

User Reviews

Milestone in arcade to home ports. Genesis Majestic Lizard (655)
A classic beat em up. Genesis Mr. Huh (112)
We're off to see the Bringer, the wonderful Bringer of Death Genesis Liam Dowds (51)
An all-time classic. Period. Genesis aaron pridemore (11)
A good visual conversion of flawed gameplay. DOS Trixter (8739)
The king of a dead genre DOS Roedie (5226)
For those that crave something, *anything!* that offers some D&D-like action DOS Zovni (9366)
Classic!! DOS Emepol (1547)
A travesty of the original. Commodore 64 Gary Smith (65)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 23 3.8
Amstrad CPC 4 3.5
Arcade 6 3.6
Atari ST 10 3.3
Commodore 64 9 3.2
DOS 55 3.6
Genesis 66 3.9
iPhone 3 2.3
PlayStation 3 4 2.8
SEGA Master System 20 3.2
TurboGrafx CD 3 3.3
Wii 3 3.1
Windows 7 3.5
WonderSwan Color 8 3.4
Xbox 360 6 3.0
ZX Spectrum 10 3.1
Combined MobyScore 237 3.5

The Press Says

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GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Incredible! What we have here is the equivalent of a Golden Axe arcade machine in a cartridge!! The differences between this conversion and the brilliant hack 'n' slash coin-op are virtually non-existent. The sound, graphics and gameplay are all exactly the same - in fact the only really noticeable difference is that the Megadrive cartridge actually offers MORE than the coin-op, with two practice options, a music and sound test option and even different difficulty levels! Golden Axe is a superb game, and is one of the best beat 'em ups available. It looks good, is incredibly addictive, and should be put right at the top of your shopping list. Now!
DOSAbsolute Games (
Ну а в итоге: это самое лучшее, самое захватывающее, самое красивое на сегодняшний день игро-действо, почти однозначная "лучшая игра для нескольких человек" и практически без вариантов "аркада года". Отстающие на полкорпуса конкуренты злобно щелкают клыками, а Джордан Мехнер (Jordan Mechner) в очередной раз срывающимся голосом заявляет о переносе сроков выхода Prince of Persia куда-то глубоко-глубоко в прекрасное далеко. Браво, Golden Axe, ты всех победил, добро пожаловать на почетное место на нашем игровом Олимпе. Вот твой лавровый венок, держи.
Everything about this game is good; graphics, sound and playability. One-player is brill; two-player unbeatable. If the Mega Drive can do this now, just imagine what'll be coming along soon...
GenesisPlayer One
Golden Axe est bardé de détails pittoresques ou désopilants: villaeois en fuite, géants se fendant la poire après vous avoir explosé la tête, le Roi et la Reine (que vous délivrez) suspendus par les pieds comme de vulgaires porcins etc. La réalisation est très bonne, notamment la gestion des personnages et la subtilité des coups proposés. Des bruitages excellents, une bonne musique pour chaque partie, bref, aucune raison de faire la fine bouche.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG)
The animation of the sprites is unbelievably good: the figures, move, fight and walk in exactly the same way as the original, and the superb backgrounds add a great deal of atmosphere and excitement. It's one of the best two-player games around, and my only hesitation is over it's lastability; it's not hard to complete, and after that, interest in the game will wane dramatically. Still, it's hugely enjoyable and graphically stunning, so if you've got an ST, this one has got to be on your Christmas list!
GenesisJoystick (French)
Les décors et le graphisme des guerriers et des monstres sont somptueux, rien n'a été laissé au hasard dans Golden Axe, même les bruitages (le plus souvent digitalisés) et les musiques sont remarquables. La seule critique que j'émettrais concerne le jeu en lui-même qui reste à mon sens un peu simple dans sa conception (le scénario craint un peu!), mais sa réalisation est impeccable. En tout cas Golden Axe sur Megadrive est de loin la meilleure version qu'il m'ait été donné de voir. Similaire à l'arcade...
SEGA Master SystemThe Video Game Critic
The scenery and spells are less spectacular in this edition, but the characters are large and very well detailed. All the major elements of the game are here, like the animals you can ride and the tiny trolls you can hack at for magic potions. I was especially impressed by the look of the animals and skeletons. The inspired music is also very similar to the Genesis. The only aspect of the game that truly suffers is the animation - it's somewhat choppy and lining up your man with enemies can be a bit tricky. The options are also a bit thin. You can only control the Conan-like Tarik (no woman or dwarf), although you can select from three types of magic. But the biggest omission has to be the disappointing lack of a two-player mode. Despite these shortcomings, Golden Axe still makes for a very satisfying one player experience.
GenesisMean Machines
I like a good beat 'em up. But I love a brilliant one! And this is one such game. As soon as you stick this in the Megadrive you know it's a classy product. There are a wealth of options that let you change the game's parameters, and there are also two practice options which are mini-games in their own right! The game itself is an exact (and I mean exact) copy of the arcade original bar two things - there are a couple of extra levels added onto the end of the game! Some people say that console software is expensive. But when you're getting the equivalent of an arcade machine with extra levels AND two bonus games, £35 doesn't seem like a lot of money!
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
You can now sit back, breathe freely and think - wow, what a good game. I know I did. I have no massive niggles with this one at all - it's a painful multiload, the colour clash can be a bit ugly and, despite being bags of fun, the two-player option would be better if the heroes could fight each other (as in the arcade) - but considering the limitations of the Speccy it's great. Plus there are loads of dragons and elves in it. What more could a girl possibly ask for?
Pero todo gran juego tiene sus puntos débiles y en este caso es uno solo, pero grave, su duración. Quizás esté condicionado por su género arcade, quizás fue programado para jugarlo poco tiempo pero muchas veces, pero lo cierto es que los jugadores más hábiles podrán llegar al final en unos 30 minutos, aunque os aviso que el juego es bastante difícil y muy pocos se lo pasarán en la primera partida. De todos modos Golden Axe es un juego muy rejugable (sobre todo a dobles) que seguramente os hará pasar tan buenos ratos como a mí. Un verdadero clásico de Sega que marcó la historia de los beat'em up con un planteamiento rompedor.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
A brilliant conversion of a great coin-op, and a stormer of a game in its own right. Buy today, or feel a complete pillock for the rest of the month,
SEGA Master SystemJoystick (French)
Cette cartouche est presque au niveau de la version d'arcade tant l'animation est réussie, le principal défaut des softs aux trop nombreux sprites présents à l'écran, c'est-à-dire un scintillement désagréable qui gène rapidement le joueur, a ici, comme par magie, disparu! Etonnant vu la taille des dits sprites et leur parfaite synchronisation dans les mouvement. Rajoutez à cela des décors somptueux, des ennemis si beaux qu'on a mauvaise conscience de les trucider sans autre forme de procès et des paysages dignes des cartes postales et vous obtenez l'une des meilleures nouveautés disponibles sur la console.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection
Golden Axe è un titolo da avere assolutamente. La conversione, nonostante alcuni difetti, è ottima e ritrovare uno dei giochi più importanti della storia dei videogames su questa piccola cartuccia Sega dà non poche emozioni e soddisfazioni.
גרזן הזהב הוא משחק מעולה, שעלי לציין שלמרות שחיפשתי בו מגרעות - לא מצאתי.
Mit deutlich geringerer Farbpalette und ohne Parallax-Scrolling ist die Mega Drive-Fassung technisch immer noch die beste Wahl für die eigenen vier Wände. Vor allem deshalb, weil das Spiel an sich um einige Punkte ergänzt wurde. Neben dem erweiterten Arcade-Modus hat Sega diese Umsetzung noch mit dem vereinfachten Beginner- sowie dem neuen Duell-Modus ausgestattet. Während der Beginner-Modus selbsterklärend ist, darf man im Duell-Modus rundenweise sein Können gegen immer stärker werdende Gegner oder seine eigenen Freunde unter Beweis stellen. Ansonsten spielt sich diese Umsetzung ähnlich gut wie das Original. Mit nur vier verfügbaren Credits muss man aber schon einiges an Geschick beweisen, um Death Adder ins Jenseits zu befördern. Die Energieanzeige lässt sich hier zum Glück noch auf bis zu fünf Energiepunkte aufstocken. Da die technischen Nachteile durch die recht vielen Neuerungen aufgewogen werden, gibt es auch hier neun Punkte.
GenesisDigital Press - Classic Video Games
It's hard to find fault in Golden Axe, especially if you look at its lesser sequel on the Genesis. It certainly served as an inspiration to countless predecessors and there's a reason for it. This is a complete hack 'n slash title, one that hasn't aged nor dulled a bit since its release. It deserves the classic status many people give it.
Si era ya un beat'em up muy rejugable, imaginaos con dos modos de juego mas y un nivel extra... Un verdadero clásico de Sega, sí, pero mejorado para su debut en Megadrive. Tanto si te gustan los beat'em up como si no, no deberías perderte este mito de los videojuegos, diversión en estado puro.
Commodore 64Commodore Format
Other than the single player one-on-one gameplay, Golden Axe has survived the conversion pretty much intact. The nasties are still big, fast and vicious as ever. Death Adder doesn't throw his fireballs any more but he's still pretty sharp with that chopper! There are some nice sampled screams and the converted Sega soundtrack sounds better than ever! If you fancy a taste of cold steel on warm flesh, prod yourself in the arm with a fork... er... no. Better still, buy Golden Axe.
D'autre part, les mouvements des différents personnages sont encore plus variés que dans la version précédente. En revanche, l'animation n'est pas aussi fluide que l'on pourrait l'espérer sur une telle machine, mais le graphisme et la bande sonore sont excellents, un beat-them-up de luxe d'une qualité comparable à celle de la borne d'arcade.
GenesisShin Force
Certainly one of the best in genre for the Genesis, and a classic game with good replayability. Golden Axe brings back many fond memories of the 16-bit generation. I have no idea why Sega doesn't make more games like this, or maybe even a compilation of all the Golden Axe arcade and console exclusive releases on one disc.
WonderSwan ColorDefunct Games
Golden Axe is a fantastic handheld game, one that even goes as far as to offer a lot of modes you normally wouldn't get. This isn't the best version of Golden Axe available for purchase, but it's clear that this is the champion of the portable arena. And to think, we're talking about a game for the WonderSwan Color!
SEGA Master SystemDefunct Games
Overall, this version is only minutely less polished than its Genesis counterpart. The spell look less impressive, but the graphics on a whole are pretty damn good nonetheless. Your characters are well animated and detailed. The scenery is also very nice. It does change every couple of levels at the minimum, so it never becomes overly repetitive. And I've nothing bad to say about the sound. Like I said earlier, SMS owners couldn't ask for a better version of Golden Axe, aside from the depressing one player aspect. Still, you couldn't get a more rewarding 8-bit experience without going to said Pizza Hut and experiencing this game on the arcade. If you have the means, however, what the hell are you doing playing this at home!?
SEGA Master
Sin ninguna duda, el punto débil de esta conversión está en su escasísima duración, el arcade ya era corto, para paliar esto, en la versión doméstica de 16 bits se incluyó una fase más, que desgraciadamente no está presente en Master System, si a ello sumamos que tampoco aparecen ni Gilius Thunderhead ni Tyris Flare, los otros dos personajes jugables de la recreativa, y que la dificultad no es para nada elevada, el único aliciente que encontramos una vez acabado el juego es intentar conseguir el ranking A+++ al final de la partida.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD)
Golden Axe ist meines Erachtens eine wahre Perle des Genres, trotz des Alters und der wirklich enorm kurzen Spielzeit von gerade einmal knapp 30 Minuten. Die genialen Features wie Magie, Reittiere, drei verschiedene Charaktere, Koop-Gameplay, die fantasievollen Stages sowie natürlich die Jagd nach dem AAA++-Ranking sorgen für enorm Motivation. Meines Erachtens gibt es auf XBLA bis zur Veröffentlichung von Streets of Rage 2 keinen Sidescroller, der mit diesem Titel mithalten kann. Zugreifen!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Golden Axe is a side-scrolling medieval hack-n-slash fighter. One or two players choose between a muscular warrior, a sexy female, or dwarf character. Your eight-stage quest is filled with barbarians, lizard men, skeletons, and little elves who try to steal your supplies. With only one attack button your moves are fairly limited, but other aspects of the game make up for this. Collecting magic pots allows you to cast destructive magic spells. Some enemies ride in on the backs of creatures, and after commandeering one you can perform devastating attacks like the tail whip or fire-breath. After each game the players are rated by performance. Besides the normal arcade mode, there's a duel mode that pits one player against foes of increasing difficulty. ALthough the graphics and sound are plain by today's standards, Golden Axe is a lot of fun to play. A sequel soon followed.
Atari STST Format
Golden Axe is a tremendously sophisticated game but this sophistication is used to improve gameplay rather than slow it. The set moves each character carries out to look excellent, although they become a bit repetitive eventually. The weighting of the game is well thought out, with the action getting progressively harder the nearer you get to Death-Adder. Jumping is the main problem with the game: it's just too difficult when you need it most. Golden Axe is a fluid beat-'em-up and one of the most playable games of this genre since Strider.
SEGA Master SystemTilt
Golden Axe est la meilleure conversion d'arcade que l'on ait vu sur cette console depuis longtemps. On y retrouve la plupart des éléments du programme original et le graphisme est excellent. L'animation est parfois saccadée, mais les mouvements des personnages sont particulièrement convaincants. On prend beaucoup de plaisir à projetter un soldat dans les airs, ou à regarder les mouvements d'attaque des squelettes. Ce n'est certes pas un jeu à recommander aux intellectuels, mais les amateurs d'action pure et dure vont s'éclater. Golden Axe est le programme le plus barbare du moment!
Atari STTilt
Cette conversion du célèbre jeu d'arcade de Sega fera le bonheur des fans de beat-them-all, car c'est l'une des meilleures réussites du genre. Toutefois, il convient de signaler qu'elle est quand même nettement inférieure à celle de l'Amiga, car la fenêtre graphique est plus petite, le scrolling est saccadé et les chargements en cours de jeu sont plus fréquents. En dépit de ces quelques défauts, l'action est passionnante grâce à une excellente jouabilité.
Trônant fièrement sur le panthéon des beat’em all qui ont marqué toute une génération, la série des Golden Axe n’a pas à rougir face à son concurrent direct : Street of Rage. Elle tire son originalité de son univers d’heroic-fantasy auquel elle emprunte intelligemment les éléments de base. Dragons, lutins, magie et créatures démoniaques sont au rendez-vous pour le plus grand bonheur des joueurs qui ont ici une bonne occasion de se défouler après une journée trop stressante.
Trônant fièrement sur le panthéon des beat’em all qui ont marqué toute une génération, la série des Golden Axe n’a pas à rougir face à son concurrent direct : Street of Rage. Elle tire son originalité de son univers d’heroic-fantasy auquel elle emprunte intelligemment les éléments de base. Dragons, lutins, magie et créatures démoniaques sont au rendez-vous pour le plus grand bonheur des joueurs qui ont ici une bonne occasion de se défouler après une journée trop stressante.
Xbox 360SEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Maintenant on veut les autres titres du Système 16 sur XBLA monsieur Sega et pourquoi pas, des jeux venant d'autres anciens board et là, on pense tout naturellement à Golden Axe: The Revenge Of Death-Adder !
SEGA Master
Das Spiel selbst zeigt sich jedoch von derart guter und fast unglaublich hoher Qualität, dass man den Programmierern die Kürzungen sofort verzeiht. Für die Systemleistung unglaubliche Grafiken, genauso große und zahlreiche Sprites wie auf dem großen Bruder stehen zweifelsfrei für eine gelungene Portierung. Derartige Leistung hätte ich dem kleinen Gerät nicht zugetraut! Technisch besser bestückte Konsolen wie zum Beispiel die PC-Engine werden dabei neidisch. Einziger Kritikpunkt ist der recht hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad, der durch einen einzigen Gnaden-Credit zustande kommt. Ich habe das Spiel früher sehr oft gespielt, beenden konnte ich es auf dem Master System jedoch nie. Aus diesem Grund vergebe ich dieser gelungenen Umsetzung keine neun sondern nur acht Punkte.
GenesisAll Game Guide
The graphics are well-animated, the music is moody and catchy, and the game has a Conan-like feel that's hard to beat. Add a classic trick ending, a complete one-on-one fighting game ("Duel Mode"), and co-op play into the mix, and you've got one classic game.
Overall, Golden Axe is a must-buy game for any owner of a Genesis. It's got great graphics and sound, exquisite control, and, most importantly, fun and addictive gameplay that will keep you glued to your seat for years to come.
SEGA Master SystemVideoGame
Conhecido do fliperama, este jogo conta a história do bárbaro Tarik, em busca do machado de ouro. São cinco dias de jornada, durante as quais Tarik precisará atacar os anões com potes mágicos para conseguir poderes indispensáveis à sua missão.
Xbox 360TeamXbox
If you’re a fan of the original Golden Axe, this is definitely worth a download, as it’s essentially the exact same game you played in the arcade. The combat is just as basic, the magic looks just as bad-ass, and the end boss is still frustratingly tough. If you’re looking for more, however, this might not be the game for you. Aside from the welcome Xbox Live co-op mode, there really isn’t much in the way of extra features available. We still love you, Golden Axe, but what have you done for us lately?
Though nowhere near as technically impressive as the C64 game, Amiga Golden Axe benefits greatly from the simultaneous two-player mode. As in Shadow Warriors it's possible to hurt your partner -easily done by accident during the hectic fighting, or sometimes on purpose in the rush to get potions and food! (Don't I know it! -Ed). Even with a clumsy colleague (You! -Ed), the game is definitely more fun with two players, although it's made a lot easier -Stu and I got well into the game on our first attempt. Thankfully then, playing solo is considerably more challenging with effectively double the number of well-animated enemies to fend off. As with the C64 version, my favourite part of the game is riding the creatures, especially the fire-breathing dragon -great for roasting your 'colleague'! Generally good graphics -apart from the unbelievably crude magic effects -and a nice soundtrack to complement some highly enjoyable hack'n'slay action.
DOSPower Play
Allein oder im Duett mit einem Kumpel prügelt Ihr Euch durch acht horizontal scrollende Levels voller fieser Monster. Bunte und liebevoll gezeichnete VGA-Grafik, die ausgereifte Steuerung sowie ausgeklügelte Gegner frischen das angegraute und unintelligente Spielprinzip wieder auf.
GenesisPower Play
Ein wohlbemuskelter Krieger, eine fesche Amazone und ein knorziger Gnom haben eines gemeinsam: Der Regional-Tyrann Death Adder murkste ihre halbe Verwandschaft ab. Außerdem hat Death Adder das Schloß eines guten Königs überfallen und den Hausherren nebst Prinzessin im Kerker geknebelt. Ein Rachefeldzug lohnt sich, und Ihr könnt dabei behilflich sein: Sucht Euch Euren Lieblingshelden aus – jeder der drei hat eine andere Waffe – und beginnt ein sieben Levels langes Hack-und-Prügelspiel auf Eurem Mega Drive.
Xbox 360IGN
The first legendary adventure of Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler, and Tyris Flare is one that is still fun today. Co-op play over Xbox Live greatly extends the game's lifeline, and its emphasis on using a degree of strategy and communication over much more frantic titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles provides a nice change of pace. Its charm will probably wear off after two or three times. You could venture onto another console and purchase a SEGA Genesis collection for a much better deal, but this is really your only option to play Golden Axe on Xbox 360. And for that, 400 Microsoft Points (US$5) is not a bad deal.
SEGA Master SystemDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Considering everything, this is more than a satisfying port. The slowdown is certainly disappointing, but the lack of selectable characters and 2-player mode really hurts the overall package more than anything else. If your going to play Golden Axe solo, this isn't a bad choice, but if you own the Genesis version, go that route instead. Great graphics though, and a great game to show off the system's power.
The arcade game, Golden Axe, was excellent in every way and I am somewhat disappointed at the Amiga conversion. Golden Axe, I imagine, must have been a very difficult game to convert and this is probably the best that could've been written. The graphics are very good but the game suffers from what we call the 'Double Dragon syndrome': the game was far too easy. We completed it on our first go.
AmigaAmiga Action
It all happened in one foul swoop. After conquering three other kingdoms, the evil and powermad Death Adder had decided that the peaceful land of Yuria would be the next link in his chain of power.
Si bien Golden Axe nunca fue ningún prodigio de duración, opciones como el modo de dos jugadores, el Duelo o la misión extra en el Arcade, ayudan a paliar en cierta este defecto, dejando al cartucho con una vida que está en la media del género.
WiiNintendo Life
It’s hard to see why someone who already owns the Mega Drive / Genesis version would want to download this – unless of course they’re a massive Golden Axe fan. However, if you’ve not purchased Golden Axe in any form on the Virtual Console yet, then this is worth considering. You’ll miss out on the bonus levels that were featured in the home version and it costs 100 more Wii Points, but you get the added benefit of improved visuals and sound – as well as that fantastic ending.
WiiNintendo Life
Double Dragon meets Conan is the best way to sum up Golden Axe. Easily one of the better side-scrolling fighers to be found on the Megadrive (regardless of the basic nature of the fighting system compared to the likes of Streets of Rage), Golden Axe is still a gorgeous game to behold, even today. The character and level design are brilliant, and in two player mode it really is a hoot.
Commodore 6464'er
Die Spielfiguren sind in 3 D gestaltet und zeichnen sich durch eine realistische Animation und lustige Sprites aus. An die ungewöhnlichen Farbkombinationen des Spiels gewöhnt man sich recht schnell. Musik und Sound sind dem Flair des Spiels angepaßt und gefallen. Die Steuerung ist ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber doch recht gut. Joystick-Kampf mit Axt und Breitschwert ist angesagt, und wer auf eine deftige Bildschirmhauerei scharf ist, der sollte es mal mit diesem Spiel probieren. Also auf ins Gefecht!
SEGA Master
This Game is still in the Top-20 of the Master System Games (at least for me). While it has its flaws, it is still one of the better Arcade Versions and graphically it shows what the Master System can handle.
SEGA Master SystemRetrogaming History
Una conversione tecnicamente eccelsa ma che si dimentica di due personaggi e che implementa controlli leggermente più legnosi di quelli visti al bar. L'impossibilità di giocare con un' altra persona conferisce la "mazzata" finale a questo titolo che, nonostante tutto ciò, merita un bel 7 perchè riesce ugualmente ad intrettenere il player con il suo gameplay ben strutturato e la sua atmosfera fantasy
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Golden Axe a vieilli mais il est à replacer dans son époque. Ce n'était pas encore l'ère des beat them all ultra péchue et cette licence avait alors su nous distraire grâce à son exotisme, son background finalement peu exploité dans le jeu video d'action. C'est grâce à ce dernier point qu'il avait conquis pas mal de joueurs sur MD. Comparativement à la version Arcade, il reste en retrait et l'ajout de quelques modes parfois superflus n'y changent pas grand chose. Le 1er Golden Axe sur MD est pourtant encore plaisant et se parcourt à 2 avec joie. Sans pousser le genre plus loin, il lui apportait un cachet esthétique qu'on a peu retrouvé dans d'autres productions. À part dans les quelques épisodes de cette saga...
SEGA Master
Il divertimento non tarda ad arrivare ma come ho già spiegato è rovinato da alcune scelte.
Xbox 360Games Radar
Much like a lot of the arcade games back then, Golden Axe is fairly short and doesn't have a lot of replayability, as every enemy will appear in the exact same spot every time you play, and there are no branching paths. But for 400 MS points, a classic brawler with functional online play is something that belongs in your Live Arcade library.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Better graphics than the Speccy version, but still the same gameplay problems rear their ugly head. Try it before you part with the dough.
SEGA Master SystemGame Freaks 365
This has to be one of the most up-and-down scores I’ve ever given for a game. Luckily, for those of you interested in the Master System, Golden Axe really stands out where it needs to and manages to achieve an average score overall. Again, I can state that you’ll likely be impressed with what they were able to do with this, and if you’re familiar enough with the original you’ll be really impressed when you realize how they worked around the original programming to end up with a classic title that every SMS fan should include in their collection. It’s not the best, and the 16-Bit version is far superior, but it’s still a great example of the library of a forgotten system.
AmigaPower Play
Solche Hau- und Hack-Festivitäten aus der Spielhalle pflegen auf Computern oft heftig in die Hose zu gehen. Doch bei Golden Axe blieb der herzhafte Holzhammercharme des Originals weitgehend unverwässert. Die fünf Levels bieten eine Fülle an netten Gegnern, die man dank gewöhnungsbedürftiger, aber vielseitiger Steuerung auf elegante Weise vertrimmen kann. Die drei zur Wahl stehenden Spielfiguren erfordern verschiedene Vermöbelungsstrategien; der Zwei-Spieler-Modus sorgt für Bonusspaß. Da verzeiht man auch mal ruckliges Scrolling (Amiga) oder Farbtristesse (C 64). Eine solide Monsterklopferei.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG)
The graphics are a bit dodgy in places, but the strange controls make this a tad uncomfortable to play.
iPhoneRetro Gamer
Why can't Sega get its iPhone emulation right in its ports? This is another classic Mega Drive port let down by shonky emulation and sticky touch controls that never manage to feel right.
Xbox 360GameSpot
Golden Axe may inspire a ton of great, nostalgic feelings, as it was a classic in its day. But with unlimited continues, shaky online, and short length, there's not a lot to keep you coming back once you've completed it once or twice. If that sounds like five dollars of entertainment to you, then by all means, download away. But don't say we didn't warn you.
So Golden Axe is a title of compromise. New features were added for the Genesis version, while the clarity of its graphics and sound took a hit. It's a fair enough balance for a Wii download, but the option of choice would be nice. Perhaps the future will find the arcade version available, which would do gamers new to the world a favor. As things stand now, it's confusing – this game should be Grey Axe instead.
Zwar zieht die Mega-Drive Umsetzung des erfolgreichen Arcade-Automaten gegen ihre Vorlage technisch gesehen den Kürzeren, spielerisch hat sich die ehemals indizierte Monsterverhackstückelung aber bis heute recht frisch gehalten. Auch hier gilt: Im Alleingang macht’s nur halb soviel Spaß.
Xbox (UK)
Golden Axe, then. Big, brutish, three-button sprite-based fantasy brawler with bags of nostalgic moments and inexplicable co-op charm: Yours to buy for the 39th time for just 400 points.
Já conhecido dos videomaníacos desde os tempos do fliperama, este game reaparece aqui com força total. A missão é resgatar o rei e a princesa, que foram aprisionados, pondo em risco a paz no planeta Terra.
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Solche Hau- und Hack-Festivitäten aus der Spielhalle pflegen auf Computern oft heftig in die Hose zu gehen. Doch bei Golden Axe blieb der herzhafte Holzhammercharme des Originals weitgehend unverwässert. Die fünf Levels bieten eine Fülle an netten Gegnern, die man dank gewöhnungsbedürftiger, aber vielseitiger Steuerung auf elegante Weise vertrimmen kann. Die drei zur Wahl stehenden Spielfiguren erfordern verschiedene Vermöbelungsstrategien; der Zwei-Spieler-Modus sorgt für Bonusspaß. Da verzeiht man auch mal ruckliges Scrolling (Amiga) oder Farbtristesse (C 64). Eine solide Monsterklopferei.
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Si vous n'avez pas encore compris, Golden Axe n'est pas un bon jeu. Il est étonnamment court avec cinq minuscules niveaux rudement gardés qu'il faudra habilement passer avec un bon usage de la magie et des montures. Sans cela, c'est au corps à corps qu'il faudra se battre, et ce n'est pas facile avec cette maniabilité assez moyenne et ces ennemis qui font une fixation sur votre dos. Le plaisir dans tout ça se languit d'un meilleur jeu, ou d'une meilleure version.
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Golden Axe hat dem anspruchsvollen Barbaren einiges zu bieten: Schöne Backgrounds, riesige Sprites, sehenswerte Animationen, ordentlichen Sound und ein erträgliches Horizontalscrolling. Leider währt die Freude nicht sehr lange, denn das Garne ist so simpel, daß die drei Bildschirmleben einem erfahrenen Monsterkiller genügen, um die sechs Level gleich beim ersten Anlauf durchzuspielen — meist reicht es, sich in der Nähe des Gegners zu plazieren und den Feuerknopf ein bißchen zu bearbeiten! Schade, denn besonders im Zwei-Spieler-Simultanmodus ist die Klopperei ganz lustig...
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Aber Hallo! Was ist denn mit dem Sega-Master-System los? Durchweg gut gezeichnete und toll animierte extragroße Sprites und ein guter Sound sorgen für Verblüffung. Und an keiner Stelle zeigt sich das berüchtigte Sega-Sprite-Flackern. Leider blieb bei diesem technischen Meisterstück der Spielwitz ein wenig auf der Strecke. Ganze sechs Levels, die dank beliebig vieler Continues binnen einer Stunde durchgespielt sind, sorgen nicht gerade für eine gewaltige Motivation. Da hilft es auch wenig, daß ausgiebiger Gebrauch der Continue-Funktion mit Punktabzug bestraft wird. Auch täuscht die hübsche Grafik nicht über ein primitives Spielprinzip hinweg. Golden Axe ist nur absoluten Fans von Bildschirm-Hackereien zu empfehlen.
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As I said, Golden Axe is an action game at its heart. The game is all about ensuring you prioritize your enemies, preferably getting them all on one side of the screen, and making sure you are hitting with the right timing. Swing a sword too quickly and you’ll expose yourself to attack. Put yourself between two people and risk being tag-teamed to death. It still has its addictiveness as you fight your way to Death Adder. The unfortunate part is you may not want to do it on the iPhone. I hear Sega has a port out for Xbox 360 and PS3. Golden Axe fans would best try their luck there.
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Overall, this port of Golden Axe feels like a quick cash-in on a big-name title. With game-breaking controls and no new content, Golden Axe should be avoided by everyone until major improvements are made.
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This PC Engine version of Sega's classic is a unmitigated disaster and probably one of the worst Golden Axe port ever released.