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Back of Case - Playstation 2 (U.S.):


    Utilize over 100 different weapon combinations through the independently triggered dual-wield weapon system. Your two-handed arsenal will be devastating during encounters with multiple enemies.

    • Show no mercy in intense split-screen and online* multiplayer action.

    • Enemies controlled by the all-new E.V.I.L. AI™ mean no two games are ever the same.

    • Upgrade your synthetic eye to see through walls, manipulate electronics, deflect bullets, or send enemies flying.

    • Fight alongside and against legendary villains such as Goldfinger, Oddjob, Pussy Galore, and Dr. No.

    Contributed by Big John WV (27269) on Feb 22, 2009. - Nintendo DS:

    He's golden. And we mean that in a bad way.

    Wireless multiplayer deathmatches. Woo hoo!

    GoldenEye: Rogue Agent shows off the Nintendo DS as a great platform for first-person shooters. The action is fast and intense in this explosive tale of power and betrayal.

    • Epic, six-mission solo campaign
    • Sharpen your lethal edge against infamous Bond villains in DS-exclusive Virtual Training mode
    • Wireless multiplayer mayhem for up to eight players with only one Game Card.

    Kicked out of MI6 for excess brutality, your character's, ahem, unique skill set gets him recruited by Auric Goldfinger. A nasty encounter with Dr. No costs him an eye, but Goldfinger’s technicians replace it with a gold-hued, synthetic and upgradeable eye, earning him the name "GoldenEye." Now it’s payback time, Dr. No.

    On your quest for revenge, you'll encounter such legendary Bond baddies as Oddjob, Scaramanga and Xenia Onatopp. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent lets you slip into the dark side as a ruthless and unpredictable bad guy with lots of big weapons and cool devices. The GoldenEye gadget, an infinitely cool device worthy of Q himself, and the heads-up-display (HUD) let you see enemies through cover, hack electronics and weapons, deflect damage, monitor ammo levels, decode locks and more.

    You can wield two weapons at once or go one-on-one with a muscular melee fighting system lets you throw and cold-cock enemies, seize hostages and more. Left and right-handed gameplay controls, plus stylus and thumb-pad play, take full advantage of the DS's unique touch-screen capabilities.

    One of the keys to GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is its array of control schemes. The touch screen isn't going to be for everyone, and some will want inverted controls or auto aiming and leveling. There's no greater disappointment than playing a first-person shooter and being unable to control your player's movement, leaving you a sitting duck. Once you find the control scheme that works for you, you'll be scampering through each level with guns blazing.

    When you come across a weapon on the ground, you will need to tap the touch screen to pick it up. The bottom left and bottom right each represent a hand. Tap the bottom left to pick up the gun with your left hand, and the right corner for your right hand. The L and R Buttons are your triggers for this rapid-fire adventure.

    The story mode follows the same story as the GCN game. It's a solid, unpretentious FPS. But what sets GoldenEye DS apart are the righteously great multiplayer modes.

    If you have one Game Card, up to eight players can wirelessly frag each other. Just host a game and have your friends choose Download Play from the DS's menu. If you and your friends have multiple Game Cards, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent offers four game modes and a wider variety of characters and maps.

    Bottom Line

    The muliplayer arenas make GoldenEye: Rogue Agent a great title for the Nintendo DS.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65765) on Jul 27, 2007. - PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube:
    Warum die Welt retten, wenn man sie beherrschen kann? Als bisher erstes James Bond’-Spiel bricht der Ego-Shooter GoldenEye: Rogue Agent’ von Electronic Arts mit allen Regeln. Der Spieler erlebt die dunkle Seite des Bond-Universums – als eiskalter Bösewicht der Oberklasse.

    Als ehrgeiziger 00-Agent, den es auf die böse Seite verschlagen hat, wird der Spieler von Auric Goldfinger für den erbarmungslosen Krieg gegen Dr. No um die Herrschaft über die Bond-Unterwelt rekrutiert. Ein brutales Zusammentreffen mit Dr. No kostet den Spieler ein Auge; dieses wird jedoch von Goldfingers Spezialisten durch ein goldfarbenes, synthetisches Auge ersetzt, was dem Spieler den Namen „GoldenEye“ einbringt. Spieler können den Charakter ihres Bösewichts anpassen und aktualisieren und auf ihrem schonungslosen Weg nach oben verheerenden Schaden anrichten.

    Auf weltweiten Rache- und Zerstörungsmissionen trifft der Spieler auf solche berühmten Feinde und Verbündete wie Oddjob, Scaramanga, Xenia Onatoppund, natürlich, Pussy Galore. Alle Macht den Bösen – in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent’.


  • Die Spielerfigur des Bösewichts kann individuell gestaltet werden, ist mit einem anpassbaren synthetischen Auge und physischen Eigenschaften ausgestattet.
  • Dank des E.V.I.L.-KI-Moduls können Feinde auf intelligente Weise auf die Aktionen des Spielers sowie auf ihre Umgebung reagieren – so werden Shootouts noch authentischer, intensiver und unvorhersehbarer.
  • GoldenEye: Rogue Agent’ bietet die nahtlose Integration von Einzelspieler-Modus, Multiplayer-Split-Screen und Online-Spiel für die PlayStation®2 für alle Spiel-Modi.
  • Zu den Features gehören in die Handlung eingebettete Missionen, Deathmatch-Simulationskämpfe und zielbasierte Team-Kriegsspiele.
  • Der Spieler kämpft mit und gegen legendäre Schurken und Bond-Girls wie Oddjob, Dr. No, Goldfinger, Pussy Galore und Xenia Onatopp.
  • Originalschauplätze von den Schweizer Bergen über die Straßen Hongkongs und Fort Knox bis zu Dr. Nos Versteck auf Crab Key in der Karibik.
  • Produktionsdesign von Oscar-Preisträger Sir Ken Adam, dem visionären Schöpfer des Looks des Bond-Filmuniversums.
  • Charaktermodelle von Rene Morel (Final Fantasy, Film) Kostümdesign von Kym Barrett (Matrix-Filme, Titan A.E.)

    Contributed by Xoleras (67043) on Dec 13, 2004.

    Conventions are turned on their head in EA's latest blockbuster 007 offering for PlayStation 2. We, the players, have defected from the ranks of MI6 and are taking the fight to Bond and Her Majesty's Secret Service. And to each other as well because, happily, there's full support for online play this time round.


    Saving the world and "keeping the British end up" is all well and good, but we all have our dark sides. Having done our bit for Queen and Country more times than we care to remember, it's time to use our sharpshooting prowess for the purposes of evil.

    Being a Bond villain has its share of perks; you get to mix with other legendary members of the Bond universe's criminal fraternity, such as Scaramanga (of Golden Gun fame), Oddjob and Pussy Galore. You also get to visit many of the same exotic locales as James (Switzerland, Hong Kong, Fort Knox, the Caribbean...), although we can't promise you'll have as much luck with the ladies.

    The intense first-person firefights of the single-player game are perfectly suited to online play, with a selection of modes that includes story-driven campaign missions, deathmatch-style simulator trials and objective-based wargames.


  • Experience the darker side of the Bond universe

  • Intense weapons combat across a variety of modes

  • Take your villainy to a global level - duke it out with other evil geniuses online

    Contributed by Xoleras (67043) on Dec 13, 2004.
    A James Bond title with a spin - if you can't join the British secret agent, beat him! Playing as a disgraced former 00 agent released from Her Majesty's Secret Service for "reckless brutality", cross paths with established characters from the Bond universe like Odd Job, Goldfinger and Scaramanga in this audacious take on the first person shooter. With missions based around locations from the Bond films, including the streets of Hong Kong and Dr. No's underground base in the Caribbean, embark on a battle for control of the most fearsome criminal organisation in single player mode, or just take on your friends in the superb split screen multiplayer mode.

    Contributed by Xoleras (67043) on Dec 13, 2004.
    GoldenEye: Rogue Agent’ goes where no previous James Bond’ game has dared to tread. Now you have the chance to cross over to the dark side of the Bond universe.

    Experience life as a ruthless and unpredictable villain. Why save the world when you can rule it?


  • Show no mercy: Be as bad as you want to be in intense split-screen and online multiplayer modes.

  • Battle the all-new E.V.I.L. AI’: You'll never know what the enemy will do, so no two games will ever be the same.

  • Upgrade your synthetic eye: See through walls, manipulate electronics, deflect bullets, and send enemies flying.

  • Fight alongside and against legendary villains: Including Goldfinger, Oddjob, Pussy Galore, and Dr. No.

    Contributed by Xoleras (67043) on Dec 13, 2004.