Golf Pro 2000 Downunder Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game starts with a short video sequence that leaves the player in no doubt about the Australian connection
The game's start up screen
The game's main menu. From here the player starts a new game or changes the game's configurations
The hardware options cover the game's screen size and sound card settings. It's possible to edit the sound library though I can't see why this is a good idea
There are player supplied so it is possible to just jump straight in and play. On the other hand it's nice to create your own player
The game clearly is designed to use multiple courses but only Royal Sandringham is supplied
There's a short, windowed fly-by of the course before the player sees the first tee.
A Map view is available. Here it shows that the first hole crosses a stretch of water
The player animations are smooth and fluid when the player takes their shot and when they celebrate afterwards
The grid only appears when the player is on the green and close to the pin. A sighting line can be displayed by moving the cursor onto the green
The menu bar has an option to replay shots using a reverse camera. The menu bar is not visible in such replays
There is a save game feature in this product
In Tournament mode the stats for the hole are displayed before tee off
In Tournament mode the score sheet after a hole looks like this
Yup! The ball's in the sand alright.
Hovering the cursor over the Profile option will show the player the ideal flight of the ball when they are a distance to the pin
Kangaroos bounding across the course. Yup! We're definitely in Australia.
The game occasionally pauses. This is, as the message says, is because there is a kangaroo or something moving around
The Profile option advises the player of the lie of the land when clicked on.
The Matchplay score card
There's a View option on the menu bar which the player can use to both look around the course or to reposition their shot