The Goonies Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Let's go.
Kicking a mouse.
A key to collect.
Being chased by a goon.
Another door to blow.
Next level.
Being attacked.

NES version

Title screen
The skeleton door explodes... but watch out for the jumping gangster above
Yo! Blasting the enemy!
Staging a rescue
A man in a suit and fedora is bad news
Negotiating a slightly bluer level
Skeletons toss bones at you
The player dies
Underground waterfall and reservoir
Underground ship

PC-88 version

Title screen
Starting area
One of the Fratellis is after Mikey
Bomb doors to find useful stuff
This one had a key to the exit!
Found a nice secret treasure
Area secure!
The next stage adds more traps
Kicking a mouse
The gates take you to different areas
The slingshot can hit far away enemies
He's after me!
Another one! They got me...
A life-restoring potion
Leaving nothing in my wake but destruction and twitching gangsters
Almost out of here!
Third stage sends Mikey even deeper underground
New hazards, and the stages get quite sprawling and complex
I don't have the keys I need to open the exit
White mice drop crosses, which grant temporary invulnerability
Pits are bad, mm'kay?
Game over...

Sharp X1 version

Title screen. Besides a different font, this Sharp X1 version is identical to the PC-88 game
Stage 1, found a key, you need 3 of them before you can go to the next stage
Found a Goonie, you won't be granted access to the final stage if you don't collect all five of them
Stage 2, blowing up a skull door with a bomb
Fratelli bro attacking me with his... singing
Skeleton throwing a bone at me in the passage
The guy in the cape is Konami's mascot - Konami-Man, though he looks more like Konami-Rat in this version
Stage 3, fox blocking my way to the red potion
Running away from One-Eyed Willie's Ghost