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User Reviews

"Long Live Gorf!" 4 Levels including: Space Invaders, Galaxians, and Mothership. VIC-20 David Ledgard (63)
Four games in one? What a bonus! Commodore 64 *Katakis* (37847)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Arcade 5 2.5
Atari 2600 4 3.5
Atari 5200 1 5.0
Atari 8-bit 2 4.6
ColecoVision 5 4.0
Commodore 64 4 3.6
VIC-20 4 4.1
Combined MobyScore 25 3.7

The Press Says

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ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic
But overall the graphics are fine, and the sound effects are even better. There's a certain set of tones that play at the end of each stage that I really like. The only thing missing is the "My name is Gorf" voice synthesis from the arcade version.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
With its robotic speech synthesis and colorful graphics, Gorf was a hit in its heyday. It's also a curiosity in its combination of characters from other arcade games: the invaders seen in the Space Attack level are the Space Invaders aliens, and those from the Galaxians level are truly from Galaxian.
Atari 2600Tilt
Quatre jeux différents sont proposés. Bataille spatiale est un remake de Space Invaders, avec une différence notable cependant : lorsque vous tirez, vous devez attendre que votre projectile ait atteint sa cible pour faire feu de nouveau, sinon, le second tir annule le premier. En fait cette distinction est plus utile que gênante : elle permet en cas de mauvaise trajectoire de viser de nouveau sans attendre.
ColecoVisionDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Those of you who need a shooter fix, need look no further than Gorf. Don't play the versions on the Atari consoles. Those will leave a pretty awful taste in your mouth.
Atari 8-bitAtari Gamer - XL-XE Game Review Edition
The graphics are dull and lifeless with a real lack of colour and detail. The sound is pretty poor too and don't expect to find any of the classic speech. The biggest problem though is the unbalanced gameplay that means it just doesn't play like its arcade parent. This really should have been superior to the 2600 version but isn't, the VCS version is far more authentic.
Gorf in der Original-Colecovision-Fassung übertrifft zweifellos die Atari-Version des gleichnamigen Spiels. Jede einzelne der vier unterschiedlichen und doch irgendwie bekannten Phasen wäre als Einzelspiel dürftig; die Aneinanderreihung sorgt immerhin für anspruchslose Abwechslung.
Commodore 64All Game Guide
Despite having four distinct levels, Gorf manages to get tiresome after extended play. Basically, you move around slowly, shooting semi-evasive enemies while avoiding being shot. If you want a game with similar controls that is faster, smarter and more exciting, try Centipede.
Atari 2600All Game Guide
Although it's missing a few key ingredients, Gorf is a decent arcade conversion -- but it's not all that fun of a game.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic
Gorf for the 2600 is a lukewarm effort, and with only one skill level and five lives, it's too easy as well.
Atari 2600TeleMatch
In Anbetracht der Fülle teurer Kassetten für dieses Videospiel-System sollte man sich überlegen, ob in dem Preis nicht auch etwas Originalität enthalten sein sollte, die länger andauernden Spielspaß erwarten läßt.
Atari 5200Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Gorf is four games in one. Here’s why that’s not ALWAYS a good thing. Gorf is four CRAPPY games in one. Is that a bargain? Not to me. I remember when Gorf first graced my local arcade spot. It seemed like a bit of an anomoly, taking bits of other games that were already considered primitive (Space Invaders and Galaxian), stripping those down even more, then adding a few spinoffs to the mix. Well, it wasn’t all that great then, it’s pretty bad now, and it’s just plain AWFUL on the Atari 5200.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic
I've enjoyed most versions of Gorf that I've played, but this one is unbearable! Like the arcade game, Gorf is a space shooter with four unique stages of shooting action. CBS tried to utilize the analog Atari 5200 joystick control, but the results are disastrous. Your cannon is too fast, too jittery, and difficult to aim. It always seems to collide with enemy missiles. And what's the deal with these graphics? These blocky, single-colored shapes belong in a 2600 game! Even the trademark between-stage sound effect is missing. This is a serious disappointment.