Gourmet Sentai: Bara Yarou Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Character Select
Cleaning up the streets the direct way.
Foes quickly take a turn for the strange
If you're playing single player this enemy will drop an item that clones the character.
Your clone will usually stay out of your way and avoid hitting you, but sometimes friendly beatdowns just kind of happen.
The first boss.
Stay back when she gets mad.
Enjoying a light meal.
Catching fire will force any character to run wildly, potentially touching other characters and setting them on fire too.
The second boss can toss around electrical whips or do a punch combo.
If your character is knocked down the boss can stab them and absorb their health.
Stage 3 has a noticeable increase in estrogen.
Très Bien's clone chooses to pose at a bad time.
This bunny girl straps on a hardsuit, vastly increasing her speed and attacking ability.
After destroying her first form she suits up again, gaining a chest laser and a punch strong enough to rip your soul out of your body.
In her third form she, er, he becomes a tanuki statue, and can only attack by falling on you.
Mmmmm, that's a good beef bowl.
When he's not dancing in his flippers, this enemy is firing up rockets on his back and tackling you.
Stage 4's boss as a few magic tricks, including a magic hat that can transform you into other characters.
After a hat attack the fight can get a little confusing.
His tie punch combo is also very powerful.