GP Rider Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Insert Coin.
Inside the garage.
Choose Transmission Type.
On the grid.
Ready to race.
Riding down the straight.
Taking the bend.
Going under the bridge.
Hair-pin approaching.
Cross the finish line.

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Title screen 2
Track data for the “Arcade” track. This is displayed before each qualify/race.
The basic setup in Arcade Mode
Getting ready to go for the qualifying lap with my new CPU mate “Wayne”. I am on the bottom screen..
Wayne is about to take a left corner and I am about to take a right corner as indicated by the very helpful signs.
Wayne takes the Qualifying win.
I am way down in 14th of the 16 racers. Not to good at all.
I am prepared, let’s go already.
Wayne has fought his way to 4th while I am still battling in 9th.
That blue guy took me out. Now that’s gotta hurt.
Due to that crash I have run out of time (or fuel as they put it).
Didn’t come last even though I didn’t finish.
But it is still Game Over.
Setting up the races in Tournament mode.
The more advanced setup options that are in the Tournament and Grand Prix modes.
Racing on the Australian track in the wet. Just made an excellent pass to take 8th from Wayne.
The points table after 2 races. Coming in 5th, 1 place behind my archrival Wayne.
Now what is Holland without the windmills?
Or France without the Eiffel Tower?
Controller setup in the options screen. The up and down or buttons can control the gears.