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Gradius II

Gradius II Screenshots

Arcade version

Intro #1
Intro #2
Intro #3
Title screen ("Vulcan Venture", overseas release)
Title screen ("Gradius II: Gofer no Yabô", Japan release)
Power Meter Select
Stage 1 "Artificial Suns"
Boss 1 "Phoenix"
Stage 2 "Alien"
Boss 2 "Big Eye"
Stage 3 "Crystal"
Boss 3 "Crystal Core"
Stage 4 "Volcano" - Part 1
Stage 4 "Volcano" - Part 2
Boss 4 "Death mkII"
Stage 5 "Moai" - Part 1
Stage 5 "Moai" - Part 2
Stage 5 "Moai" - Part 3
Boss 5 "Big Moai"
Stage 6 "High-Speed Maze"
Boss 6 "Big Core mkII"
Stage 7 "Boss Rush" - Part 1 "Big Core"
Stage 7 "Boss Rush" - Part 2 "Golem"
Stage 7 "Boss Rush" - Part 3 "Cruiser Tetran"
Stage 7 "Boss Rush" - Part 4 "Gaw"
Stage 7 "Boss Rush" - Part 5 "Intruder"
Boss 7 "Covered Core"
Stage 8 "Inside Gofer's Warship"
Sub-Boss 8 "Demos"
Sub-Boss 8 "Crab"
Stage 8, before Gofer
Boss 8 "Gofer"
Final Cutscene Part #1
Final Cutscene Part #2
Final Cutscene Part #3
Final Cutscene Part #4
Final Cutscene Part #5
Final Cutscene Part #6

Gradius II Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Power meter select: in this screen you choose what kind of equipment your ship will acquire along the game.
Starting a game.
That symbol over the ship is an upgrade.
Flying among asteroids.
Shooting a dragon which comes out of those flaming planets.
The ship with an orbital-weapon upgrade.
Game over

Gradius II Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Scene from the end of the first game
Configuration, amongst other things you can choose between Japan and US title screens here
And this is the US title screen - Vulcan Venture
Selecting the weapon configuration
Start of the game
Stage 1: Burning Heat
First boss - Phoenix
Stage 2: Synthetic Life, featuring an H. R. Giger inspired layout
Stage 3: Crystal World - a field of crystals, which can be shattered and broken up into smaller pieces
The boss here is Crystal Core
Classic volcano-themed stage 4
Fourth boss is Death MK II, the giant laser is his second attack
Stage 5 with lots of pissed off Moai, plus these red ones can also turn around
This is the first Gradius game to feature the Option Hunter which, as the name suggests, steals Options from the player
Fifth boss: Big Moai, jeez... say it, don't spray it!
The fast scrolling sixth stage
Stage 7 is just one big Boss Rush, featuring several bosses from both the original Gradius and Salamanader. This is Brain Golem, he was the first boss in Salamander
Final stage
A gigantic mechanical crab, which is completely invincible... the only thing you can do is dodge beneath its legs and wait until it leaves the screen
Primary antagonist and final boss: Gofer, just like the brain in the first game, he doesn't attack

Gradius II Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

The good old Konami logo
Title screen
Upgrading before the real deal
First level