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SNESJaded Gamer, The (Sep 22, 2003)
To be frank, this game is a classic. It's full of fast action, hard bosses, great music, and is challenging enough for gamers of any skill level. If you can find it and still have your SNES hooked up, plunk down the cash and take it home with you. You'll thank me later.
SNESRaze (May, 1991)
Gradius III's longterm value is increased with a very comprehensive options screen, allowing you to choose three levels of difficulty and even whether you want mono or stereo sound (now that's a sign of the times!). If you've been searching for the perfect Gradius conversion, then this is it. Pity about that "arcade perfect" slowdown, though...
SNESNintendo Land (2003)
So, you have here an excellent and very polished 2D shooter. It won't revolutionize the gaming world as we know it, but it does it's thing so well, you can't help but adore it and come back to it every now and then for a big session of good, no-nonsense baddie-shooting (that said, it does require some brainwork to get through, it's definitely not a "mindless" game). Unless you're violently allergic to shoot 'em ups, you'll love this, and even if you do hate shooters, you'll have to admit the crystal-clear quality that this game displays.
One of the finest SNES shooters ever made, Gradius III is VERY highly recommended, especially if you love shooters in general and the Gradius series in particular (also highly recommended are the games Axelay and R-Type III: The Third Lightning). The only other problem (although not one with the game) is that we aren't getting any other Gradius games in the near future. Konami needs to wake up and realize that there is a fan base for Gradius games outside of Japan. After all, it's not very fair of them to get us hooked and then leave us hanging, is it?
SNES1UP! (May 16, 2006)
A l'époque, Gradius III sur Super NES avait été dans l'ensemble très mal reçu. Qu'est-ce qu'on était grincheux en ce temps-là, ou est-ce la nostalgie qui nous appaise ? Le même sort ou presque attendait Super R-Type, comme si les critiques avaient développé une phobie des ralentissements. Voir un jeu qui ralentissait, c'était comme de voir un homme mort, et d'oublier de prendre son pouls pour s'assurer qu'il l'est bien. Le pouls de Gradius III cependant bat toujours et le jeu a conservé un charme que beaucoup alors lui déniait, avec un punch, une classe, qui est l'emblème de la série. La difficulté est impitoyable et c'est là véritablement son unique grand défaut. Si l'on se replace dans le contexte et que l'on accepte Gradius III pour ce qu'il est, l'un des tous premiers jeux de la Super Famicom, on ne peut que s'émerveiller devant le prodige qu'avait accomplit Konami, parfaite introduction à la longue liste de chef-d'oeuvres dont ils honoreront la console.
While the formula may be tried and tested, the implementation of Gradius makes it stand head and shoulders above all other shoot em ups of recent months.The graphics capabilities of the Famicom are, of course, a boost. Nevertheless, Gradius grabbed me from the start, and didn't let go.
Die mir vorliegende Super-Famicom-Umsetzung von Gradius III gleicht der Automatenfassung bis ins letzte Detail. Es wird sogar an denselben Stellen langsamer! Aber das muß auch so sein, sonst wär's nicht Konamis Gradius. Alles in allem ein echter Hit – auch für 130 Mark, denn die Jamma-Platine kostet mindestens das Zehnfache, und ein Originalgehäuse schlägt auch noch einmal mit knapp 3000 Huhns zu Buche. In diesem Sinne...
SNESQuebec Gamers (Jul 04, 2007)
Excellent shmup avec des tableaux variés et une bonne trame sonore. Considéré comme un des meilleurs de cette série, Gradius III est à ne pas manquer si vous aimez ce genre!
Gradius III is a great side scrolling space shooter with varying terrain and boss levels. Noted as being a very difficult game in it's arcade days, Konami made it a bit easier for SNES owners. Don't fret - it's still a hard game. Good fun!
80 (UK) (Sep 29, 2007)
It's a great idea, if clearly more beneficial for the die-hard shooter who knows the game inside out, but the dose of strategy it injects into the hectic action is enough to make this another essential purchase for shoot-em-up aficionados.
Gradius III is fun for a while, but doesn't really offer much that hasn't already been seen in this genre. The graphics are crisp, but not very imaginative, and after a while you get that feeling of deja vu. Fans of Gradius might find this enjoyable, but I prefer R-Type II.
WiiMag'64 (Nov 21, 2009)
Wer einen actiongeladenen und abwechslungsreichen Shooter sucht, ist bei Gradius III bestens aufgehoben. Lediglich die zwischendurch auftretenden Slowdowns schmälern den Spielspaß ein wenig. Wer sich zudem von der etwas schlichten Grafik und dem turmhohen Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht abschrecken lässt, findet mit dem dritten Teil der Gradius-Reihe einen absolut würdigen Vertreter des Shooter-Genres. Und für Gradius-Fans ist dieser Titel ohnehin Pflicht.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (Jan, 1995)
Solltet Ihr über die Ruckeleien (fast bis zum Stillstand) und das nicht seltene Total-Verschwinden des eigenen Raumschiffs durch dämliche Programmierung hinwegsehen können, bietet Gradius 3 noch heute einige der schmackhaftesten Baller-Leckerbissen dem SNES.
Definitely, Gradius III is one of the best shooters to hit the shelves, and I recommend it to shooter fans, but I am sorely disappointed by the slowdown and flicker! otherwise, the music is excellent and the graphics are great. Unfortunately, I always found myself reaching for Gaiares...
SNESHonestGamers (Jan 13, 2004)
Most of the elements of this game come together in fine form, meaning it's an experience you won't want to miss.
SNESThunderbolt Games (Dec 20, 2004)
Rejoice! It's horizontal shooter magnificence, after a fashion--it's Gradius III. It looks amazing, sporting brilliantly coloured and intricately detailed enemies, and vibrant, wildly varying backdrops. It certainly sounds like vintage Gradius. That means all the tracks are quality, and a few of them are even memorable. But aside from the aesthetics?
SNESVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Der erste Schock sitzt tief: Obwohl das Super Famicom als neuer Gipfel der Videospieltechnik gepriesen wird, ruckt Gradius III an vielen Stellen wie die Pest und wird ganz schön langsam. Daß ausgerechnet Konami ein solcher Lapsus passieren konnte, ist verwunderlich. So ärgerlich das Gerucke auch ist, es beeinträchtigt die hervorragende Spielbarkeit relativ wenig. Die zehn Levels bieten viel Abwechslung. einfallsreiche Grafik, mitreißenden Sound und tolle Extras. Ohne technische Schönheitsfehler wäre Gradius III ein absolutes Spitzenmodul; so reicht‘s “nur“ zu einer guten Wertung.
WiiNintendo Life (Apr 23, 2007)
The level design is really good and plenty of variety is offered, each level having its own theme. The end of level boss battles are excellent albeit quite punishing. You will have to keep your wits about you until you figure out the best tactics to repeat in order to ensure success. If you happen to be a fan of the Gradius series then you're unlikely to be too disappointed with this, even if it is a little rough around the edges. There are much better, more well-rounded shoot-em-ups on the Virtual Console at the moment so if you only want to buy one or two games in this genre you could probably do better elsewhere.
70 (Feb 01, 2007)
All in all, I was surprised to have fun playing this game, considering how rarely I enjoy shooters. It was overall well worth the play, and I would suggest it to anyone, no matter what their gaming background. The biggest problem the game faces is that it can be completed in under an hour, but I imagine that must be normal for shooters. I can’t say, as it’s the first one I’ve actually managed to beat. Even so, it’s a great game if you have 45 minutes to waste, and no one can say they don’t have the time for that.
WiiGameSpot (Apr 25, 2007)
The Gradius series of space shooters has developed a reputation for being extremely difficult, and Gradius III justifies that notoriety. The game was originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991 and is now available on the Wii Virtual Console for 800 points ($8). It's a good deal if you're looking to test your reflexes, and it will provide a steep challenge to even the most seasoned Gradius veterans. However, for the inexperienced player, Gradius III is a nearly impenetrable, often maddeningly difficult experience that's still entertaining in an almost masochistic way.
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Apr 03, 2002)
In the arcade, Gradius III was one of the most insanely difficult games you could ever encounter. The SNES version of this side-scrolling space shooter is much easier, which is probably a good thing. The key to the game is collecting pods to cash in for weapons and power-ups. There's quite a bit of strategy involved in selecting the proper power-up for the situation. The graphics here are nearly identical to the arcade, although slow-down rears its ugly head all too often and threatens to ruin the fun. When there are too many objects on the screen, the action slows to a crawl, only to speed up again when things clear out. Not only is this annoying, but it adversly affects the flow of the game. That's too bad, because otherwise this is a solid all-around shooter.
ArcadePower Play (Mar, 1990)
Weniger berauschend präsentierte sich Gradius III von Konami. Im Vergleich zu „Vulcan Venture“ sieht der Nachfolger etwas alt aus. Kein vertikales Scrolling, unauffällige und etwas fuzzelig wirkende Grafik sowie ein mörderisch hoher Schwierigkeitsgrad verführen nicht gerade zu ausgedehnten Baller-Sessions. Gradius-Fans werden ihren Spaß daran haben, aber mit R-Type II kann er nicht mithalten.
SNESPower Play (Mar, 1991)
Was für ein Jammer! Es scrollen wunderschön gezeichnete Hintergrundlandschaften und Sprites an mir vorbei, die Musik motiviert mich zum Weiterspielen und satte zehn Levels warten auf meinen Besuch: Leider läuft das Ganze im Zeitlupentempo ab und wird dadurch beinahe unspielbar. Konami ist mit der Gradius III-Umsetzung ganz schön ins Fettnäpfchen getappt. Die Mega Drive lacht sich kaputt, wenn sie sich dieses Techniktrauma ansieht. Schon bei relativ wenigen Sprites auf dem Bildschirm kommt das Super Famicom ins Stocken. Gradius III ist zwar spielerisch keine Katastrophe, das Geruckel nervt jedoch.
SNESGénération 4 (Feb, 1991)
En bref, un soft assez moyen ne concurrençant en aucun cas les meilleurs du genre, Thunderforce III par exemple. Mais attendons un peu, la machine est jeune !
SNESEntertainment Weekly (Sep 27, 1991)
Gradius III is competent — you'd expect nothing less from Konami — but if I'm going to plunk down 50 bucks for a 16-bit game to play on my new $200 system, I want to be the one who's blown away.