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Arcade version

Intro #1
Intro #2
Intro #3
Intro #4
Title screen (Japanese)
Title screen (English)
Difficulty select (Japanese version only)
Weapon select
Stage 1 "Desert"
Stage 1 Boss "Goliath"
Stage 2 "Bubble"
Stage 2 Boss "Bubble Eye"
Stage 3 "Volcano" Part 1
Stage 3 "Volcano" Part 2
Stage 3 Boss "Big Core mkIII"
Stage 4 "High-Speed Stage"
Stage 5 "Moai" Part 1
Stage 5 "Moai" Part 2
Stage 5 Boss 1 "Dogas"
Stage 5 Boss 2 "Vaif"
Stage 6 "Cell"
Stage 6 Boss "Gregor"
Stage 7 "Lava"
Stage 7 Boss 1 "Wyvern"
Stage 7 Boss 2 "Vulture Dragon"
Stage 8 "Plant"
Stage 8 Boss "Bloating Weed" #1
Stage 8 Boss "Bloating Weed" #2
Stage 9 "Crystal"
Stage 9 Boss "Lizard Core"
Stage 10A "Boss on Parade" Part 1 "Cruiser Tetran"
Stage 10A "Boss on Parade" Part 2 "Covered Core"
Stage 10A "Boss on Parade" Part 3 "Big Core mkII"
Stage 10A "Boss on Parade" Part 4 "Crystal Core"
Stage 10A "Boss on Parade" Part 5 "Death mkII"
Stage 10A Boss "Dellinger Core"
Stage 10B "Last Stage" Entrance
Stage 10B "Last Stage" Laser Barrier
Stage 10B Sub-Boss 1 "Disrupt"
Stage 10B Sub-Boss 2 "Shadow Gear"
before Bacterion
Stage 10B Boss "Bacterion"
Hidden Stage 1: Gradius Stage 1 "Volcano"
Hidden Stage 2: Salamander Stage 1 "Multiplying Cells"/"Bionic Germ"
Final Cutscene Part 1
Final Cutscene Part 2
Final Cutscene Part 3
Final Cutscene Part 4
Credits Part 1
Credits Part 2
Name Entry

SNES version

Title screen.
Make your custom space journey in the option screen.
Choose between many weapon kits!
These bubbles are toughing the Vic Viper's way!
The enemy forces are increasing its fire power slowly! Be fast and avoid this!
Vic Viper is ready to the space!
You've made a good score! Then put your name and other things in this "different" score screen!
In a cosmic sand field, Vic Viper uses its Ripple Beam to beat the menace called Earwig Scorpion.
With the same offensive strategy and a different positioning, the ship faces Bubble Brain.
"Edit mode" allows you to choose each power up separately instead of following a preset path.
The blue pickup destroys all enemies on screen
Lava stage
Shooting my way through the stage
Well, this is claustrophobic
Enemies disguised as chunks of rocks.
Lava stage Boss
This stage is called "Moai stage". I wonder why?
The level design gets more and more trippy as you go.
Somehow I feel this boss is the "logical" conclusion for the stage
Lava stage
The boss: a two-headed dragon
After you destroy one head, its attack pattern changes a bit
It cannot attack you here, but you cannot do much damage to it either.
Plant stage. Watch out for the bulbous spore sack.
These indestructible arms are a huge pain
Plant boss
The main attack: sucking you in while shooting at you with its "arms"
Another boss
... and another
... and yet another
... I guess this part is the "boss rush"
... The final one
... Just kidding. There's another
... I sincerely hope this is the part where the lair is collapsing
Nope. Got another mini-boss
The very definitely final level (perhaps)
Shooting my way through a wall of cells which "heals" when it stops being shot at.
Meet the brain behind the force of evil.