Advertising Blurbs

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    Experience the LifeSim game that revolutionized video games in Japan! Sari's the tough cookie from Brooklyn... Rica's the baby of the bunch... Misa's the goody-goody intellectual type... Myna's the shy, Princess type... And there's Cyndi, the blond...

    Join Rica, Cyndi, Misa, Myna, and Sari for an entire school year of insanity. As their homeroom teacher, can you handle these five rebellious teenage girls for a whole year? Too strict? They could rebel and run away... or get sick and drop out... Too lenient? They could ditch school and party... or find a loser boyfriend.... BALANCE is the key... but it's no easy feat... The end goal is graduation, but will they turn out naughty or nice??

    Contributed by Alan Chan (3476) on Jun 30, 2000.