Graduation Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-FX version

Title screen
Introducing the students. Nice background
If this is a work of fiction, couldn't they invent something more exciting thanhigh school graduation?..
This one is always happy...
The obligatory clever girl in glasses
All of 'em together...
Studying in front of a church...
...or in teh park
Teddy bear :)
The principal of the school. What a guy
Character description
Your typical day in school
A semester begins
She comes to your office...
Planning a schedule for three days
You let her do what she wants during her free time. That's the result...
Check the girl's stats from time to time
I've invited her to a private conversation
How well are they learning? Let's see...
Comparing the students' parameters
Personal statistics
Events during the school year
Today's lesson: language. But the girl in front wants to play piano...

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Five girls, five destinies... the chosen ones, protectors of the magic orbs... Nah, just kidding. High school students who want to graduate, is all
Intro: classroom... scary place...
Introducing the characters
Teacher's name: Moby Game :)
Character information
The semester begins...
Making a plan for the girl... where to let them sit in class, for once
Girl's personal stats
Comparative statistics
Teacher statistics
Schedule for the year
Classroom: everyone is studying
She doesn't look happy... parameters decreased
Plans for the weekend
Today is Sunday. What to do?
Having a personal conversation with a student
You've bought her a present. Is this sexual harrassment or not?
Don't put little girls on your table :)

WonderSwan version

Title screen
Main menu
Your starting stats
Your students' vital statistics
Another student
A hairy student
Blood type A
The student with glasses
Tutor planner
Scheduling the days that glasses will work.
The one on the left seems to be doing well...
Well you've crushed one of them with a workload.
But she'll recover after a brief rest.
A sad student losses hp but makes some gains.
Your pupil feels ignored, her stats are dropping.
Strain, but some good improvement
The students aren't doing to well.
Oh please don't cry!
An angry student doesn't feel the cost is worth the results.
Well they've mostly recovered.
Track mini game