Grand Prix Manager

Grand Prix Manager Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Help screen
Team selection
Main menu
Personnel menu
Personnel: design
Personnel: engineering
Personnel: mechanics
Personnel: commercial
Bank menu
Financial report
Design menu
Design: internals
Design: externals
Designed car
R&D menu
R&D design
Acquire technology
Race news
Contracts menu
Engine data
Tyres contract
Spares contract
Selecting test circuit
Test report
Race announcement
Transfer options
Race results
Grid info
Car set up
Special orders
Car info
Stage introduction
TV replay - overtaking
TV replay - visiting pit stop
Race news
TV coverage
Car numbers
Winning drivers
Cup winner
Championship table
Results menu
Personal menu

Grand Prix Manager Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The startup screen
The main screen
The sponsorship screen
The car building screen outside
The car building screen insided
The race screen shows little cars going round the track