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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Screenshots

iPad version

Checking your mail.
Bulletin board with completed missions
Stepping outside.
Driving down to the shops.
Paying tax
Just need one more pack of fries.
Going to visit uncle Kenny.
Using the GPS on my phone.
Chased by the police.
Back at uncle Kenny for my next mission
Learning hand-to-hand combat.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Intro scene movie
Stealing the car.
Once you're inside the car, you can use the touch screen to ignite the car.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Screenshots

PSP version

Game's title shown in the intro
Huang Lee - the game's protagonist
Chased by the police
Some missions require you to drive slower vehicles.
Just like in GTA4 the annoying toll bridges make an appearance.
Kill the Yardies to stop them stealing your loot
Inside one of you many safehouses.
You can store lots of Drugs at your house but you can only carry 50 units at a time whilst outside.
You can use you phone to view the GPS map.
Weapons are ordered online via your phone and are then delivered to the nearest safehouse.
You can keep track of where whose buying and selling what drugs via the trade menu.
Molotovs are made by manually filling up the bottles at the gas pump.
When buying or selling drugs a red down pointing arrow means you will make a loss selling it whereas an upward green arrow means a profit.
These Ammunation vans are full of guns but the the drivers are well armed.
Some cars require hot-wiring via the minigame to drive
Causing pursuing police cars to crash lowers your heat.
You can find guns in the trash - but only in red containers!
This drug dealer has some funny things to say
Blew up a security camera - one of a legion
Using sniper rifle
Making some tattoos
One of main NPCs
From time to time you receive some hilarious spam
Drug dealer turf map
A unique jump
Bikes are fast and not very predictable - I didn't want to make this jump
Operating heavy machinery
Map of races
A familiar location (if you've played GTA4)
Extinguishing fires in a side-mission
You get trophies for your drug-dealing activities
This NPC is exclusive to PSP release
Burning down some weed
I'm Rich lottery
Helicopter's after me
This rampage is quite easy - flamethrower packs unbelievable power
Mission replay screen
Police computer - used in vigilante side-mission
Paramedic mission complete
On a water bike
Weapon select menu
Pretending to be a part of a carnival
Opening police van like a tin can
As usual for the series, dialogue and comments are hilarious
Helicopter mission (sadly, you're only a shooter)
Handy GPS function
And yeah, you get to control a tank for a couple of missions