Grand Theft Auto III Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Intro: the robbery
Intro: busted
Intro: road accident
The first mission starts
Beginning the game
A fully functional map in GTA III! After 10 years! Yay!

iPad version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Loading Screen
Intro, You make the front page
Just busted out of jail
On your way to first check point
Save house
Liberty City in the daytime
City map
Mission passed!
Freshly saved

iPhone version

Main Menu: Happy tenth Birthday GTA3
Loading Screen
First Mission: Just broke free
Completed a Mission
Nice Gang Car
Ammunation a place to buy weapons
Watching civilians talk random stuff
Camera View set to old GTA2 Style.
Beating up cars at a red light
Fighting a fist fight
Stealing a car
Banshee one of the fastest GTA3 cars.
Driving my car threw a showroom window

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with this load screen which is followed by company logos, credit screens, and a series of pieces of still artwork while the game finishes it's load sequence
A series of pieces of still artwork like this are shown as the game finishes it's load sequence. These follow a load screen, company logos and credit screens.
When the game loads it outlines the story in which the player is double crossed by his girlfriend and jailed. This sequence ends with a jailbreak
The game proper begins here with the player freed from a prison van and driving the getaway car
As the game begins the player is given advice on the controls
As the player drives around Liberty City the game tells them what district they are in
The end of the first mission
This is how the player saves their game

Windows version

Main menu
Selecting a skin for my player model
From the intro
Intro (including motion fx effect)
Escaping from the prison transport
The first car
Nice water spray effect
Doh - mission failed!
Just cruisin... you can select nice muzak, there are 8 or ten different radio stations all playing entirely different programmes!
This is my new home, where I can save the game (and advancing the clock by six hours) as well as parking my current car in the garage, where it'll be safe and I can keep it.
... and this is my new boss, Luigi. He's a gangster, y'know?
Walking the streets, enjoying the newfound freedom.
Mission complete!
Badfellas - yeah, that's true, bad fellas we are :)
This car has "hardware problems" - but as there are mechanics who can fix it, no problem - or maybe I'll just "borrow" another car :)
Ooops... this seems to be the end of the map :)
You can do taxi driver jobs - the game changes to something like Crazy Taxi with violence and excellent graphics :)
A taxi job. The blue circle is the target where the customer wants to be brought to.
I love these lonely nights at the harbour, just standing here in the night, watching, thinking...
The city's skyline appears on the horizon
Walking in the rain, towards the city, towards a new morning with hopefully new missions from Luigi.
I got me a car... but shit, it's already ready for the trash!
Cool lightning effects. This is a sex bar, which isn't open all day, only at night. You can see the difference!
I'm getting a new job. Suits me fine, as I have nothing else to do and could use some cash.
Thats the job: kick the stupid drug dealer's (he's marked with a blue arrow) ass...
... steal his car and bring it back to the boss' garage.
The car got repaired and a new painting so the cops won't recognize it.
On the run, armed with my trusty baseball bat (okay, I admit it: I wanted to steal that jeep but he just drove past me :)
A pretty misty morning
A seedy looking gathering
New job: get the whore...
... and bring her to her customer.
Pretty sinister looking garage...
The weather simulation is really great. They even managed to display realistic rainbows when the rain begins to stop. This shot was made on a ship in the harbor after long, hard rain.
You can look out of the left/right/back windows of the car you are driving, with exact damage model and outside world. This shot was made while enjoying... ehem... making love to the woman you see here :)
Details, details... this shot was made after a gang fight I accidentally stepped into. Six men shot down some other guy, now the medics (green suits) try to reanimate the victim.
Thanks to the great GTA3 engine, the game contains really HUGE structures like this folding bridge over the Staunton river. I don't know (yet) where it leads to, but time will tell...
A beautiful morning view at the city of Staunton Island. It's the second part of the city, where you get after finishing all missions for the italian Mafia.
In later missions, you'll get the sniper rifle, which allows precise shooting with it's sniper scope.
You can shoot their heads off!
Rumpo van showing its power (modded)
Tank. This is power!
I burn! I burn! aaaaaaa!!!!
MULTIKILL. Tank is good thing. :D
police had no chance vs tank
Tank - top-down perspective
Rocket Launcher. Smile!
top down perspective, like a GTA I & II
Top-down perspective - use a flamethrower
Dawn of the dead thef.
Top down perspective & Uzi.