Grand Theft Auto IV Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main menu
Main Screen: German
Niko and Vlad talking business
One full application of the brake - and I still hit the lamp post in the next frame.
If you don't feel like stealing a car - take the bus or the train.
These are no real people. Honestly.
That's not real blood on my hood and that girl in the back is just sleeping. Why would you think otherwise?
Roman calling me while I'm doing a wheelie.
One wheelie to much - crashed and died.
Does your momma know you do this?
Stealing a car.
Time Square - no wait...that's somewhere else...
There are planes in the game but you can't fly any of them.
Ah that's life. Being hunted by the police and flying a heavily armed helicopter over the city.
Searching the police computer for vict...suspects.
Racing in my sweet corvette.
The fully uncovered game map.
Pool - the longest, hardest and most unrealistic of all the mini games.
QUEB3D - a tetris variant.
Even Mother Bellic has an email account and bothers you with it...
Searching for a date.
Hidden packages come in the form of pigeons...
The loading screen shows the main characters.
...which are to be shot
Blood-covered clothes after a shootout
Michelle was very tolerant during the First Date...Enjoying the water in mini-Golf Club...:-)
GTA4 can be quite the looker...
Another morning in Liberty City
Going out can be fun in GTA4
"Boys, is everything OK?"
Nice view, eh?
Climbing a giant crane...
This is Ray, the Mobster
Francis is a corrupt cop
This is Playboy, a man of vision
The Statue of Happiness in Liberty City
Watchin' TV instead of playing the game...
Nico survived a chase in a police car. Note the detailed damage on the windshield

Xbox 360 version

Watching Katt Williams standup in a high-class safehouse.
Steal expensive cars and drive them really fast.
Taxis offer quick travel to any mission or point of interest.
Or slow (real-time) travel, if you prefer.
Weather effects occur, like fog and rain.
Liberty City's version of Broadway.
Buy food to regain your health.
Luckily, taxis are everywhere and easily hailed.
Flying over two of the three islands.
Cars have more "realistic" physics compared to previous GTAs.
Cops love it when you do this.
The cell phone becomes an invaluable tool in GTA4.
Out in the suburbs of Bohan.
Looking toward the second island at night.
Sparks fly and cars show appropriate damage.
Seems quiet. Maybe we should blow something up.
At the airport.
Military choppers are unwisely left unlocked and unguarded.
Taking an autumn stroll.
There's virtual strip clubs. Feel ridiculous yet?
Niko's brawling again. Can't take him anywhere!