Great Britain Limited Screenshots

User Screenshots

ZX81 version

Title screen
Party selection
Country profile
Shopping basket
Budget day

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
I hope the colours aren't meant to imply that the SDP combined Labour and Conservative ideals?
State of the nation
What an age to be alive
Setting taxes
How much money should people be given?
I've gotta get the vote, and I told you about school
We didn't abandon them; they don't vote for us
We've got an inflation problem here
In other words, people without work can't afford to buy things
It just gets worse
Con-the-public time
Trying to resolve problems evenly
Election results unfold
Labour win a landslide
Blue turns to red, I'm out
As the SDP now - trying to please the common man with these rates
Same result though
Unemployment is good, but other problems exist