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Great Courts 2

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Atari ST

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 4 3.1
Atari ST 2 1.2
DOS 7 2.7
Combined MobyScore 13 2.6

The Press Says

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Atari STThe One for ST Games
There's not a great deal to say about the gameplay: it's straightforward recreation of the game, with just about every shot that you can think of included - and all executed in a remarkably instinctive way. It's nice too that the superb action has been backed up by some beautifully animated graphics (just watch those ladies' skirts fly when they serve). Not only that, but the intro music is great and the sound effects are especially noteworthy - check out the sampled speech in particular for a rare treat. Tennis fans need look no further.
AmigaThe One
Pro Tennis Tour II is a tad difficult to begin with, but it's well worth the practice. It's a brilliant tennis simulator that is as close to being definitive as you are likely to get.
Pro Tennis Tour (PTT) har sedan det kom varit det klart bästa tennisspelet till Amigan. Jag har kastat bort alldeles för många timmar på att försöka vinna de olika Grand Slam-turneringarna.
Atari STAtari Inside
Der "Amiga Joker" schrieb: "Computer-Tennis ohne Great Courts 2 ist wie Boris ohne Becker". Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen!
AmigaAmiga Joker
Grafik und Sound sind für ein Programm dieser Art sehr überzeugend, besonders die Animationen können gefallen — ganz besonders, wenn den Damen beim Aufschlag immer so neckisch das Röckchen hochfliegt... Insgesamt ist Great Courts II also um einiges komplexer, spannender und spielbarer als der Vorgänger. Deshalb unser Tip: Besorgt Euch einen Vier-Spieler-Adapter und dieses Game — wer braucht dann noch Steffi, Boris und Konsorten?
(page 18)
AmigaAmiga Action
Pro Tennis Tour 2 isn't radically different from the other games of the same genre, but it does add more options. The animation on the characters is exemplary and in general all round presentation is good. Sound is the weakest part of the game but is still adequate. The plethora of options is amazing - I can't think of anything that has been missed. Whether you fancy just hitting the ball around for a bit of fun or want to get some practise in for Wimbledon, this is the game for you.
AmigaPower Play
Mit "Great Courts 2" wollen die Mannen von Blue Byte den Sonnenplatz auf dem Software-Centrecourt erobern. Im Vergleich zum Vorgänger "Great Courts 1" wurde der zweite Teil gänzlich umgekrempelt.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Die sicherlich beste Tennisvariante für unseren vielbeschäftigten PC stellt Great Courts II von Blue Byte dar, das aufgrund realitätsnaher Steuerung und zahlreicher Optionen trotz seines Alters von über Jahr der Konkurrenz spätestens im Tie Break immer wieder die Grenzen aufzeigt. Sicherlich ist die grafische und soundmäßige Gestaltung nicht mehr auf dem neuesten VGA- und Soundkarten-Stand, jedoch beeinträchtigt dies die sich ergebende Tennis-Atmosphäre kaum.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
The problem with Pro Tennis Tour 2 is that underneath all the flashy exterior lies a pretty basic game - okay, the graphics and sound are both very nice, and there's a whole sack-load of options, but after two or three games, the interest wanes, and you'll find yourself relegating this to the cupboard to gather dust. Aspiring John McEnroes will probably get a fair old bit of fun out of this, but others will get bored with it after a while.
Atari STAtari ST User
Initially very difficult to master, this game can be quite fun, especially with more than one player. Be prepared for frustration though.
Atari STST Format
Pro Tennis Tour 2 is a highly polished simulation. The initial difficulties controlling your player soon give way to addiction as you battle for every point. Even if sport sims aren't your bag, this is worth checking out. When you've mastered the ST-controlled opponents you can try and thrash your friends. It's a game that grows with your skill and should have you coming back for more when you've tired of your shoo-'em-ups.
AmigaAmiga Power
Possibly the most realistic sports sim to grace the Amiga, with feature galore.