The Great Escape Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The beginning location
Exploring the camp...

DOS version

Title screen
Startup screen.
While prisoners and guards are in the breakfast room, time is right to take a look around the camp.
Roll call. If you miss it, all hell will break lose.
The perimeter is heavily guarded. The morale flag to the left turns red if you are anywhere you shouldn't be.
We have found a uniform and move disguised among the guards.
Time for bed - a guard makes sure that you go to sleep.
Moving at night, you best avoid the towers' searchlights.
Trying to escape through underground tunnels.

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen.
Startup screen.
Roll call.
Breakfast time.
Hmmm, a new Red Cross parcel.
Picking a locked door.
Beware of the dogs.
Landslide in the tunnel.
Trying to escape...
...but being caught.
The infamous isolation room.
Day one
Red Cross parcel arrived
Shovel on the floor
In the underground passage
Door is locked
Soldier on the roof
Sleeping time
Caught by a spotlight at night
Breakfast time
Cutting the wire
Mission completed, escaped from the camp