Great Nations Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
The game comes with a customizable random map generator.
Setting up a hot seat game.
Unit orders menu.
The built-in help covers almost everything in the game. It is not very detailed but provides information on tech tree dependencies, production costs etc.
The inventions menu, where you pick new technologies to research.
Once a technology has been researched, information on all newly unlocked units, buildings, wonders and inventions is displayed.
You can opt to invest some gold in order to speed up production in a town.
This screen shows all towns that belong to the player.
The main game view, with much of the map around the player's fledgling empire explored. Note that hills and mountains block the units' field of view and remain unexplored.
It is possible to switch to smaller tile size to get a zoomed out view of the map.
Town management screen.
Town production menu.
Whenever an important event occurs in one of the player's towns, this information panel will be displayed at the beginning of the turn.
The game provides extensive statistics on each of the players... well as graphs and charts.
The diplomacy menu is also used to change the government form in the player's empire.
The list of nations available in the game. Game sessions are still limited to eight players though.
Great Nations supports several screen resolutions, and can also be played in a window.