Greatest Airplanes: Cardinal! Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Installer title: 'The Knoxville Flyer 84 Charlie'. The bird is a Cardinal.
Separate configuration tool 'Config-O-Matic' for weight&balance, radio stack etc. One tool for each aircraft type.
Separate texture tool 'Text-O-Matic' for creating liveries from templates for the aircraft.
This is a cut-out view of the C-177RG, displayed in FS2002 aircraft selection. Notice the retracted wheels, and some oil cans in the rear. (The pilots are based on the modeller himself and his dad.)
This is the C-177B in the FS2002 aircraft selection window. The in-game model has a two-bladed prop in spite of what the specification lists here.
'Virtual cockpit' 3D view from left pilot seat. FS2002 is a bit fuzzy in VC mode. This is the C-177B version, though the interior is very similar to the RG.
2D cockpit view is much sharper, and in high resolution. The map in the left window is not seen in 3D mode, instead it's placed on the right seat. Again, this is the fixed-wheel C-177B version.
The same 2D view in the C-177RG, with a different avionics panel setup. In spite of this, the registration label (center) is kept from the C-177B, which can be confusing during radio communications.
3D view in the C-177RG. The yokes are hidden from view by default in the 2D view, but here they are always seen. The pilots are only visible from outside.
The map in 3D view is on the seat, and a phone keeps it down. Maybe a Nokia? The aircraft modeller is from Finland. One of the retractable wheels are seen through the open door.
You can sit in the copilot seat as well, this is a 2D view from the right seat. Here the yoke is visible. The glove compartment opens but holds no useful items.
Up-up and away! The glossy wing surface looks nice in 2D view. A road passing near the airport on our right.
That's our airport strip behind on the left side. We're flying downwind for base.
The little red light is the glide path indicator light at the start of the landing strip, I'm low but I can see the ground, so no worries.
Looking good, need to line up a bit more left. Still high. Wheels down? Wheels down and bolted! This is the C-177B.
Too fast, still high...I can see a long roll-out coming up.
A grass parking off the end of the strip...still in one piece. Ground textures look a bit psychedelic up close.
This is a proper parking tiedown, with weights tied to the wing and chocks on the steering wheel. There is also a pulley bar in the cabin, but it's just a decoration, you can't pull your plane around.
This is the GPS used in FS2002, a similar version to the instrument used in the actual aircraft.
In FS2004 the GPS used is the standard model from the MS simulator. (FS2004)
One of the radio stacks in the C-177B. The autopilot (bottom) is a simple 1-axis model. (FS2004)
DME panel on top center. OAT/magnetic compass on top right. ADF on lower left. Flap lever on lower right. Yoke visible. (FS2004)
Rudder trim and fuel selector panel on right. Control for the extra panels are on the grey panel at bottom left. (FS2004)