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Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Xbox 360 Start screen


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PlayStation 3 1 4.0
Xbox 360 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 2 4.0

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Xbox 360God is a Geek
As comic book movie tie-ins go, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is generally not a bad game, although it is quite clear that it has copied God of War’s control system whilst borrowing elements of Space Harrier. Although some gamers will say this is an unoriginal, lazy game, if you are not concerned with originality, it is still quite a fun experience.
PlayStation 3Splitkick
All things considered, Double Helix have done a good job of creating a tie-in game that stays faithful to the source material while still carving out its own unique and meaningful story. Fans of the character will thoroughly enjoy it, and the two-player local co-op is reminiscent of the brawlers of old. As a purchase it would perhaps be ill-advised, but should you leave your local multiplex with a hunger for more Green Lantern, or are perhaps just interested in how a game based on him might turn out, then Rise of the Manhunters will likely exceed your expectations. A bit better than just passable.
Xbox 360Xbox360Achievements
This is a decent movie tie in, and like all blockbusters if you approach it for some mindless fun then it will not disappoint. There are better titles out there, but fans of the film and Green Lantern in general, will happily while away a few hours here.
Xbox 3604Players.de
Die Grüne Leuchte bemüht sich, ihrem mechanischen Vorbild God of War III gerecht zu werden. Und man macht getreu dem Motto "Besser gut kopiert als schlecht selbst gemacht" nicht allzu viele Fehler: Das Kampfsystem passt und die automatische Kameraführung leistet sich nur wenige unwichtige Aussetzer. Dennoch: Den DC Superheld trennt mehr als eine Dimension vom großen Kratos. Denn wo der kantige Grieche mit einer mörderischen Präsentation, wuchtigen Gefechten und Wow-Grafik die Kinnladen zu Boden fallen lässt, bleibt die Superhelden-Laterne oberflächlich. Und das in jeder Hinsicht: Technisch, spielerisch, dramaturgisch sowieso. Zu zweit stellt sich (nicht zuletzt auch dank des niedrigen Anforderungsprofils) dennoch schnell Spaß ein, der aber ebenso nachhaltig bleibt wie ein Sparmenü beim Fast Food-Laden um die Ecke. Doch den Entwicklern von Filmlizenzen im Allgemeinen und Superhelden-Action im Besonderen sollte das Prädikat "Ist immerhin besser als Thor" nicht reichen.
PlayStation 3IGN
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is a competent movie game with no major flaws but no real high points. It serves its purpose of giving you a Green Lantern ring and letting you run wild on a bunch of bad guys. The graphics aren't great, the dialogue isn't wonderful, and the gameplay isn't anything special, but if you really felt like pretending to be Hal Jordan or earning some easy PlayStation 3 Trophies, this game is here to distract you from your non-superhero life for a bit.