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Grezzo 2 (Windows)

Grezzo 2 Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The game starts with you killing everyone in a church.
You have the ability to rip off your hand and throw it as a weapon. It grows back too so you can do it multiple times.
I'm going to beat the cripple lady with my beer bottle.
When you kill all the priests. ..
Jesus exploding in gore after killing him.
One of the text Screens explaining what happens after you finish certain levels.
My home
One of the many fine examples of the explicit sexual content featured in the game.
That SNES looks accurate (Sarcasm)
Super Mario carnage
Ladies and Gentlemen: Barney the purple dinosaur is dead.
The priests invade your house to annoy you and kill you
Welcome to purgatory.
Time to kill God.
Or you can just go through the gate ...
... to another place on Earth or somewhere else and fight your way through zombies and occasionally priests along the way.