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GTR: FIA GT Racing Game (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

A stunning, but flawed, racing simulator Adam McMillan (195) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall MobyScore (6 votes) 3.8

The Press Says

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Game industry News (GiN)
In fact, GTR has already received major accolades in Europe, and I can see that trend continuing here in the States. In fact, GTR is the racing game that I wanted Gran Turismo 4 to be. Already 10Tacle and SIMBIN, and their US Partner Viva Media, are working on getting the sequel, GT Legends, into our hands. If GTR is any indication of what that title will be like, but with the addition of all those cool classic cars, I think that the GTR series and the companies involved will be around for a long time. Certainly, this is the standard that all other racing games will be judged on in the future.
Game Chronicles
With an acceptable selection of vehicles (the box claims over 70 cars, but that includes each team member of every team, driving the same car, but with a different number and paint job), and a mediocre selection of tracks (10, plus three more that are available for download from the company’s website) that comes with the original copy of the game (plus the tons and tons of third-party created tracks that are available for download off the internet already) this game will impress those people who are really into the nitty-gritty of racing, especially GTR racing.
PC Powerplay
GTR ist für mich das Pro Evolution Soccer der Rennspiele. Während die Konkurrenz mit starken Lizenzen für gigantische Fuhrparks punktet, setzt GTR 100% Rennatmosphäre dagegen. Und weil es einen Arcade-Modus und viele sinnvolle Fahrhilfen gibt, ist das Spiel auch grundsätzlich für jeden spielbar. Aber: Nur mit gutem Lenkrad macht's wirklich Spaß. Damit jedoch ist GTR ein Geschenk der Rennspielgötter.
GameStar (Germany)
GTR ist für Rennspieler eine Offenbarung: Realismus pur, Top-Präsentation, Spitzensteuerung, clevere Gegner, famoses Streckendesign und ein starker Multiplayer-Modus - die Liste der Pluspunkte ließe sich fast endlich fortsetzen.
Joystick (French)
On ne l'attendait plus et la voilà enfin, la simulation qui tabasse. GTR est un petit bijou de réalisme, une simulation pour fous furieux et la nouvelle référence d'un genre sous-representé sur nos bécanes. Magnifique et hyper pointu, le titre de Simbin nous ne arracherait presque des larmes de bonheur tant l'attente fut longue. Mais bon dieu, quel plaisir. En un mot comme en cent : foncez !
This game will satisfy not only the hardcore sim racers, but also has a lot to offer for the arcade racers out there. The graphics and sounds are outstanding, the physics are extremely good. The A.I. presents you with a real challenge, without racing unfair. This is simply on of the best race games, provided you are willing to invest some time to master it. Is this the perfect game ? No, of course not, no game is perfect; but GTR comes very close to perfection. The slightly outdated graphics and sometimes annoying multiplayer code could still be improved, and we have seen better results in those areas in games like Grand Prix Legends and Nascar Racing 2003. When it comes to reproducing the feeling of driving a real car however, no other game comes close to GTR.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
SimBin zet met GTR vroeg in het jaar meteen een klepper van formaat neer. Voorlopig zijn we er niet van weg te slaan.
Apparu fin 2004 en Allemagne, GTR est sorti quelques mois plus tard sur le marché national. Premier jeu développé par le studio suédois Simbin, GTR est clairement une simulation sans compromis, ce que nous allons voir dans les lignes qui suivent...
PC Action
Für alle, die es immer noch nicht begriffen haben: GTR ist ein Superspiel! Vorausgesetzt, Sie kennen sich im Motorsport aus und haben Spaß an detaillierten Tuning-Sessions. Okay, man kann den Simulationsanteil so weit herunterschrauben, bis nur noch das Arcade-Skelett übrig bleibt. Für den unbeschwerten, schnellen Zock eignet sich DTM 2 jedoch besser. Wer in Motoröl badet und von einer Rennsport-Karriere träumt, BRAUCHT aber GTR.
Not without its quirks, 10tacle's GTR is nonetheless a supremely engrossing, painstakingly intricate sports car racing simulator that's aimed principally at the ultrahardcore simulation addict, yet it wields enough versatility and fully customizable "detuning" to thoroughly indoctrinate newcomers and even please steadfast arcade racers. Is it, as has been noted in prerelease hype, the modern manifestation of Papyrus' remarkable yet crazily challenging and PC-killing 1998 benchmark Grand Prix Legends? If played at maximum realism and graphical detail levels, perhaps. But there's so much more to GTR that the parallel must end there. Certainly the developers at 10tacle Studios have hit the ground running with this, their inaugural effort. If you have the computing speed to run it and the patience to endure its few pitfalls, you likely won't find a better, more believable non-NASCAR racer in today's market.
Die Kür ist außerordentlich gut gelungen. Absolut perfektes Renngefühl gepaart mit einer sensationellen Atmosphäre. Abzüge gibt es allerdings in der B-Note für die Probleme im Onlinemodus, der eigentlich das Herzstück darstellen sollte. Hier muss noch ein bisschen nachgebessert werden. Dennoch unser Fazit: Beste Rennsimulation, die derzeit zu haben ist. Und wer sich was besonderes leisten möchte, der holt sich einen TrackIR und genießt eine tolle Umsicht.
As we all know going “underground” seems to be the main theme of many racing games lately. A lot of the popular racing game franchises have even converted their games over to match this growing trend. It seemed that people who loved GT racing have been left in the dust. Well never fear because the developers at 10Tacle Studios have heard your cries and have released their simulation game: GTR FIA Racing upon the gaming world. Does the hype they created by saying “they have created the most authentic GTR Racing simulation ever”? Read on to find out!
PC Games (Germany)
Keine Frage, dank Schumi kennt die Formel 1 hierzulande jedes Kind. Ebenfalls recht populär ist die DTM. Doch wie sieht's mit anderen Motorsportveranstaltungen aus? Verfolgt man die Sportübertragungen und Nachrichten der großen Fernsehsender, entsteht der Eindruck, als gäbe es keine weiteren. Schade, denn vor allem bei der FIA-GT-Serie geht es richtig heiß her. Im Gegensatz zur "Formel Langeweile" nickt der Zuschauer nicht bereits wenige Meter nach dem Start ein. Vielmehr sorgen riskante Überholmanöver für Hochspannung. Gerast wird mit sündhaft teuren Luxuskarossen, deren Namen das Herz eines jeden Motorsportfans regelrecht zum Hüpfen bringen. Ihres auch?
"Welcome to the most authentic racing simulation ever!" screams the caption of the Official GTR game website. Followed by "100% race feeling guaranteed! GTR is the most realistic racing simulation ever!" At least they cannot be accused of modesty. But this isn't the first time we've seen boasts like this, and it certainly won't be the last. Still, one has to admire them for having the guts to hang it all out like this.
Simulation class racing titles have long been overlooked by a lot of gamers, including myself. While I still prefer a title like Burnout, GTR FIA Racing has been the first simulation racing title to really grab my attention and keep it. I recommmend this to the hardcore sim fans as well as the arcade racer who is looking for something a little more realistic to get into.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
If you’re one of those people who remembers Sierra’s Grand Prix Legends, let’s lust say that GTR matches its purity of vision in every way. In short, this is the perfect game for car dorks, and it’s completely inappropriate for anyone else—but that’s kind of the point.
Pour le premier jeu des modders de Simbin, GTR est un coup de maître et les multiples niveaux de gameplay permettront à chacun de se faire plaisir au volant d'une de ces machines de rêve dévoreuses d'asphalte. On en redemande !
GTR FIA Racing is not the kind of racing game for anyone other than the hardest of hardcore gearheads. Certainly, it has the requisite dumbed-down "Sunday driver" mode, which coddles you with driver aids, but to play it as such is to completely miss the point. Real men drive in full-on, hairy simulation mode without any intrusive nannying. Then they take things one step further by dropping obscene amounts of money on wheel-and-pedal sets in order to ensure that their spouses never speak to them again. Yes, GTR is a game for those of us who are comfortable with our nerditude.
GTR is one of the best simulations on the market. The sound alone is without equal. It falls short on its replay ability for the casual arcade racing gamer. Simulation racing gamers will enjoy this game day in and day out. For the NASCAR fans out there they do offer an add-on for adding oval tracks that is free of charge. The sound will wrap you up and suck you deeper into the simulation. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys racing and especially those who love simulations.
Gamers' Temple, The
GTR is a love it or hate type of game and as such is probably relegated to a rabid cult following. The simulation is just too brutal for all except those who really seek an ultra-realistic driving sim. Everyone else will spend each race sitting in frustration in the grass along the side of the track.
Wow, this one came out of left field. GTR: FIA Racing is a simulator built off real telemetry data for FIA GT Racing, and with tracks taken directly from satellite imagery. Let's put it this way, GTR claims to be the most realistic driving simulation out there (have we heard this one before?), but in all honesty, I'm not one to deny that. GTR is an excellent racing simulator. It doesn't do hundreds of choices a la Gran Turismo, car detailing or part buying like in Forza and Need for Speed Underground but you can tune to your heart's content. What GTR: FIA Racing does is simulate the FIA Racing circuit better than any racing game has, period.
Statistically speaking, GTR is not for you. This hardcore racing sim was built by a scattered team of hardcore racing fans and mod-makers who licensed an engine to build the game they wanted to play. The subject matter is a European circuit (most of the SimBin guys are concentrated in Sweden) in which highly tuned sports cars slathered in livery battle it out for a time-based race in which he who drives farthest wins. There are no fictional slices of New York City or some idyllic countryside or an alpine road with a strategically placed waterfall near the finish line. The tracks are the sorts of snaking affairs the French might love, forcing compromises between turning performance and straightaway power, and all re-created actual tracks. GTR's official licensing is even written in French: FIA stands for "Federation Internationale de l'Automobile." You should probably throw some accent agues in there for good measure.
GTR FIA Racing advertises itself as "the most realistic racing simulation ever," and this could be true. At first, this game appears to be geared specifically toward very hardcore enthusiasts of realistic racing simulation. For the most part, that is correct. Players will have the opportunity to race around a nice selection of European circuits in high-performance cars. Reminiscent of the original Need for Speed series, but with a much less arcade feel. The tracks, though complex, don't have much of a background. So, if you wanted to drive through the streets of Italy or speed through London, you will be disappointed. But, if you want to really get a feel of how a Lamborghini or a Ferrari drives at 200mph, then GTR is for you.
70 (UK)
There are simulations, and then there's GTR. Simbin's lovingly crafted game observes such painstaking attention to detail that even an electron microscope would struggle to do it justice. It'd give the average Need For Speed Underground fan a nosebleed from 100 paces; and that's just in Arcade mode.