Guilty Gear X Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Using the sword
Some nice effects
May has some really weird moves, with anchors and dolphins...
It's raining
Ouch! That should be painful
Character selection screen
A HOT situation
On the ground
A high jump
Have you got some water?
A powerful attack
This is maybe the most bizarre character of the game
Fighting against Potemkin, a big character indeed

Game Boy Advance version

Time to fight!
Your choice of game type
Choose your character(s)
Depending on your game type, you may see a screen like this...
... or you may see a screen like this
The practice room is where you can attack a non-moving enemy for as long as you want so you can practice your different attacks
This character doesn't mind stabbing his opponent while he is down
The final blow gives you this image on the screen
Two opponents can be difficult if you aren't careful
You have won!

Windows version

Title screen
Select your character
My character is called FAUST
Faust vs. Johnny - FIGHT!!
That surely hurt you, no?
Very elegant kick
Straight & hard in the face
The blood is colored green (can be seen on the right)
Fire in the hole
Faust's special move
We've won
... and introducing: FAUST!
This girl really knows how to annoy me
There is no chance for me...
... so I better run for cover!